Return Engagement: Louie’s – Somerville MA

30 07 2009

Last time we came to Louie’s we were in this neighborhood after recovering my car from a tow lot due to a vengeful neighbor. Tonight, it wasn’t the original destination in mind but after encountering a darkened storefront at location number one, it seemed like a good time to give Louie’s another try. I got a Coffee Almond Fudge cone and Noell went with Grapenut Custard.

louie's east somerville ice cream mass winter hill foss park

Last time we were here we couldn’t find much of a back story on this place. The fact that it used to be much more than an ice cream shack is apparent from the neon that they don’t illuminate anymore. The style of the fonts and the menu boards make it possible that this place arose anywhere from the fifties until the seventies.

Winter Hill residents made sure to decry that I even mentioned the proximity of their neighborhood to this place last time. Louie’s is securely in East Somerville, even if the two places are divided by Foss Park & Rt 38. Hopefully I can find a truce between these factions as my band is scheduled to play a show in this park over Labor Day (Foss Fest – September 5).

The menu board was again ruled by masking tape that edited the entire original menu of flavors. They’d almost forgotten the basics and “Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry” were crammed onto one line at the top as an afterthought. Maybe I should have double-checked to make sure that wasn’t actually a Neapolitan.

I had a single taste and it was the coffee almond fudge that I ended up with. We did discover that Louie’s Frozen Pudding is more of an English pudding or a fruitcake as it is packed with odd chunks of dried fruit. My cone was nice with a rich fudge swirled through a bold coffee with lots of whole almonds mixed throughout. What is odd is that I had the same problem here as I did last time in that the cone melted all over my hand in most obscene fashion. Maybe the heat from the sidewalk was more than I realized, but it seemed as though my cone was out to make a mockery of me.

Coffee Almond Fudge ice cream louies louie's east somerville mass ma massachusetts

Theories on my melting ice cream are welcome. After having slaved over a hot stove and passed out as soon as I got in the path of a fan the past two nights, it actually seemed pretty nice out on this night. We spent more than an hour in the night air amidst the bustle of the neighborhood, and I wasn’t sweating a fraction as much as my cone did.

Original Visit:

Cone – small $3.00 medium $3.50 large $4.00

Sundae – regular $4.95 large $5.95

Louie’s Ice Cream

193 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145-2120


Open seasonally

Monday-Thurs 12a-10p, Friday-Sunday 12a-11p

Louie’s online




2 responses

31 07 2009

Louie’s was a favorite summer destination when I was little. It definitely conjures up some happy memories for me. I remember the time that my mom let me order a medium instead of a small. It seemed enormous.

21 11 2013

Just for the record, Louie’s doesn’t make their own ice cream. They buy it from Richardson’s in Middleton, MA.

Louie’s is okay but I’ve found their servers to have kind of an attitude. If you go to the Richardson’s in Middleton (or even the one connected to Jordan’s Furniture in Reading, MA) you will be able to buy a half gallon for less than 25% of the price you’d pay at Louie’s (plus they’ll definitely have the flavor you want).

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