Berry Line – Cambridge MA

20 01 2009

For the sake of unity and reaching across ideological barriers, I took the inaugural challenge and headed for the other side of the freezer: yogurt. In general I’m not a fan of yogurt, frozen or not. Despite my love of dairy products, something has always kept me away from yogurt. While looking at the snow out the front window, I ate a cup of Blueberry with Pecans.

Berry Line Frozen Yogurt Yoghurt Ice Cream cambridge Mass

Berry Line opened in September of 2007 offering Harvard Square an alternative to the ice cream shops that ring the neighborhood. A couple of post-doctoral students at Harvard and MIT put  their heads together and created a recipe for a low calorie frozen yogurt. Matt Wallace and Eric Yang had such faith in their recipe that they  started a shoppe.

While the menu has expanded to include coffee and smoothies, Berry Line keeps a small scale scope and seeks to make the best frozen yogurt with fresh natural ingredients. The walls inside feature artwork from a revolving cast of local artists, while a mural painted by Bren Bataclan adorns one of the outdoor faces of the building. For those looking for a quieter internet spot than any Starbucks, they even offer free wi-fi.

I’ve stated from the top that I’m not a big fan of yogurt. The frozen yogurts that I’ve been most amenable to are generally chocolates where the tangy bite of yogurt is lost a bit in the overall flavor. I was offered a sample of the plain as I walked in, and where some shoppes try to temper that flavor, here that tang was very prominent. They rotate two other base flavors in every few weeks and the options on this day were blueberry and guava.

I went with blueberry and then had them add pecans, which were generously sprinkled on the top. The nuts were very fresh and helped contrast the yogurt. The blueberries were bold and strong, and mixed in with the yogurt so that there weren’t even pieces of skin apparent. This ultimately works or doesn’t based on how you like actual yogurt, because they do this right. This blows any TCBY out of the water. If I liked yogurt more this could be a regular haunt. As it is, I’ll give this another go sometime when the weather warms up.

blueberry pecan berry line cambridge mass frozen yogurt yoghurt ice cream

Upon first walking inside, I was met with artwork from Dan Blakeslee, a local artist and musician who plays somewhere between Brighton and Portsmouth a few nights each week. His show posters are hand-drawn efforts that get snagged even by folks who don’t attend his concerts. While eating, Dan walked past and came in to say hello.

Cup – small $2.62 medium $3.33 large $4.67

plus Crunchy Toppings: single topping +$.67  2 toppings +$1.19 3 toppings +$1.57

plus Fruit and Crunchy Combo: single topping +$.95  2 toppings +$1.62   3 toppings +$2.09

Berry Line

1 Arrow St., Cambridge, MA 02138

617 868-3500

Open year round

Sunday-Wednesday noon-11p, Thursday-Saturday noon-midnight