What Are You Doing To Participate?

15 07 2011

ALERT! This Sunday, July 17 is National Ice Cream Day. Due to Ronald Reagan’s scraggly signature, the third Sunday within Ice Cream Month (July) is to be specifically designated as National Ice Cream Day. Hopefully all of my readers and their friends and loved ones will fill their civic duties and engage themselves with a cone or a sundae or at least a frappe. Please leave comments in regards to where you went and what you ate to celebrate.


Cicada Scoops?

7 06 2011

While I’m in the middle of doing my radio show tonight, a few people start asking me about cicadas. It seems that Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream in Columbia, Missouri got into trouble for making an ice cream with cicadas. I was in Columbia thirteen years ago when these insects last emerged from their burrows, but I was fascinated by the odd intervals and dissonances of sound as you moved through trees full of them. I never thought about eating them.

They’ve actually long been a delicacy, dating back to ancient Greek, Chinese, Congolese, and Latin American cultures. For this ice cream, they took the wings off the cicadas and then boiled the bugs and covered them in brown sugar and chocolate and added that mixture to a base ice cream of brown sugar and butter. In the story on Ozarks First, an employee remarks that if you didn’t know it was a bug you’d just assume the crunch was a nut. I’m sure there’s more protein in a cicada than a macadamia.

I called a friend who still lives in Columbia to get the real details. Apparently word got around last Wednesday night that this venture was underway, and when Sparky’s opened for business there was a line waiting to get a taste. Enough of a line that they were empty before the first hour was through. Such success meant they’d of course make another batch, but that success also meant a news story in the town with more aspiring journalists than any other. Such publicity drew the attention of the Board of Health. They prevented any more of this cicada ice cream from being made or sold.

News stories mention that there must be some specific rules for how cicada ought to be prepared, but nothing in Missouri seems to set out any regulations about cicadas. The rumor is that they claimed that in order to serve insects, you must raise them. I’m not sure who can invest in holding the space for the thirteen year lifecycle of the cicada for a few batches of ice cream. It seems like Sparky’s is hedging their bets that some sort of agreement will be worked out as the sign on the door tells customers to be on the lookout for the next batch. In 2024.

Scooper Bowl Hits Boston This Week

6 06 2011

This time the three days in June starts on Tuesday the 7th when City Hall Plaza becomes an ice cream free-for-all. OK, so it’s not free. It does cost a little bit to get inside the gates and then see how many samples of ice cream you can devour before you pop. And all of the proceeds benefit the Jimmy Fund.

This year we’ve got advance notice about what is going to be here. Check it out:


  • Lucky Mint
  • Firehouse #31
  • S’More the Merrier
  • Oreo®Gold Rush

Ben & Jerry’s®

  • Late Night Snack
  • Americone Dream
  • Milk and Cookies
  • Bonnaroo BuzzTM

Ciao Bella Gelato®

  • Chocolate S’mores
  • Mango Sorbet
  • Wild Blueberry Sorbet
  • Key Lime Graham Gelato


  • The Original Rocky Road
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Orange Sherbert
  • Espresso Chip


  • Hunka Chunka
  • Vienna Mocha
  • Mocha Chocolate Chip
  • Rocky Road

HP Hood/Brigham’s®

  • Hood BoSox Brownie
  • Hood Frozen Tangy Yogurt Rasberry Vanilla
  • Brigham’s Oreo
  • Brigham’s Mocha Chip

SoCo Creamery

  • Dirty Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Espresso Cookie
  • Berkshire Berry
  • Mexicali Chocolate
$8 for adults (age 10 and up), $4 for kids (age 3-9) and free for kids under three. Text SCOOP to 22122 to receive $1 off admission price. Noon-8p. http://www.jimmyfund.org/eve/event/scooper-bowl/default.html

Rota Springs Eternal – Open for the Season

25 03 2011

If you’ve been following along, there is a favorite ice cream joint of mine. You’ve got to head out to the wilds of Sterling to find it, but Rota Spring Farm is the place that I compare all others to. It opening for the season is one of the first great signs of Spring, and when I learned I was weeks late, I made a trip home and headed out with my parents after dinner.

This is one of the few places I like going with a double scoop and mixing flavors. On the top is the new flavor Almond Almond. The repetition is due to the fact that the ice cream is both flavored and filled with almonds like the most decadent marzipan delight. On the bottom, my traditional favorite, the Indian Pudding which is back on the menu full-time after an attempt to make it seasonal, the demand (and I like to think this blog) helped them return it to it’s permanent position.

For more info look at our earlier trips here: https://weallscreamforicecream.wordpress.com/2008/06/28/rota-spring-farm-sterling-ma/

Red’s Returns! to South Portland ME

5 03 2011

After a fire last May, many thought it spelled the end for Red’s Dairy Freeze, but after 10 months of work, the barn has been rebuilt and is now serving cones again… watch this

WGME 13 Top Stories – Popular ice cream stand Red’s re-opens 10 months after devastating fire.

Showdown Comes to Somerville & SoWa

19 08 2010

Last year, this festival got tucked in a small lot off Somerville Ave. This year they return to that lot and are adding a second day in South Boston and serving scoops in conjunction with the SoWa Open Studios. Participating ice cream makers include: Stonyfield, Toscanini’s, Picco, Batch, Coop’s MicroCreamery, Chilly Cow Custard, and Christina’s.

This event will be held Saturday in Union Square in Somerville at 374 Somerville Ave from 2-4 PM. Sunday’s event moves to 500 Harrison Ave, South Boston as part of SoWa Sundays from 2-4 PM. For more info try this link.

Obama Follows Us!

17 07 2010

After hitting the new Mt. Desert Island shop in Portland earlier this month, the Obamas found the original location while they vacationed in Bar Harbor. We think they’ve been watching this blog for tips.

President Barack wavered from his usual Butter Pecan and instead had a Coconut cone here.

Addendum: Now it seems he has even stirred controversy here… if you notice the sign behind him, some conservative pundits have taken that fist holding the spoon to be a black power symbol, but I don’t think that Tommie Smith is the one mixing these flavors… story here


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