Mad Maggie’s – North Andover MA

18 02 2012

Consecutive February days in the 50s have really messed with everyone’s psyche. The only places with any snowpack have done it through the magic of compressors and late nights that do dip below freezing. Even the Boston Globe mentioned that ice cream sales have been crazy lately. When Tim & I stepped in here, most of the tables were full – he had a Coffee Cinnamon cone, me? Black Raspberry Cookie.

At some point this store used to be in North Reading, only some clean-up photos from before the 2009 season seem to imply that’s when they moved here to North Andover in a spot across from the Lawrence Regional Airport. Located at the merger of 133 & 125, some incarnation of this shop has been in place since at least 2003, since their website lists Flavors of the Week from that far back.

Even in this mild February, no one was getting their cones from the outdoor window and wandering around, but there is an outdoor seating area and the back lot looks out onto the Northwest corner of Lake Cochichewick. Inside are a slew of tables with ice cream ephemera on the wall, including a patchwork of t-shirts from their old location including a clever one that said, “‘Stressed’ is ‘Desserts’ spelled backwards. Chill out. Have two scoops!”

This is definitely a place to try something interesting. Heck, while we were there there was a new flavor added to a ‘Specials’ board that already had six flavors on it. They trademarked Candy Store Floor at this spot, and their Ground Hog Stew was a variant of that all-in philosophy. This past Friday they put out their Maple Bacon, with locally sourced maple from Turtle Lane Maple Farm in town. My taste was fantastic, as bacon most always is as long as it still has got an element of crunch. I also tasted the Thai pineapple, but even with the Asian spices, pineapple in ice cream still seems more a summer thing. I threw caution to the wind and went with a black raspberry cookie scoop in a sugar cone.

That this is a regular flavor on their menu board is a testament to Mad Maggie’s. This is a great dark black raspberry cone with a massive swath of Oreo cookie crumbles. It’s a magnificent thing just to look at, but thankfully it tastes even better. It makes me want to go back and have a two scoop sundae with it and the bacon as a  perfect mid-winter combo.

The concept of Flavor of the Week is a good way to look at this place – homemade ice cream with inventive flavors – and the best of those graduate to regular status. It’s a good way to make people smile, and with a bell at the exit for people to ring ‘if it was delicious,’ well, I really made it peal.

Cone – kiddie $2.82 small $3.62  large $4.38 six-pack $6.26

Sundae – mini $4 small $4.85 large $5.65

Frappe $5.61 ex-thick $6.54

Mad Maggies Ice Cream

1025 Osgood Street, North Andover, MA

978 685-2814

Open year round

Hours for Winter:  Friday 1-9:30p, Saturday noon-9:30p, Sunday 1-8p