Kimball Farm – Lancaster MA

29 05 2010

At Christmas, I went out with my parents to help select their tree, and we went to the lot adjacent to Oak Ridge Farms. It was then I noticed that they claimed to make their own ice cream. However, the store was shuttered before the season began. This weekend, Kimball’s had their grand opening in this new location, and I had a Mocha Almond Assault cone.

With their Westford location unable to expand much more, and two other scoop shops in the area, Kimball’s jumped at the chance to take over a new farm on a large lot on Route 70 in Lancaster. They renovated the front facade to add a series of ice cream windows, and with a silo already there, it’s remarkably similar to their original location. Reports are that the entire lot will soon be filled out with a train around the perimeter and a mini-golf course and petting zoo even being added to the mix.

With 41 flavors of ice cream, plus a few yogurt, sherbet, and sorbets available, the store is currently reminiscent of visits to the original location before its expansion into non-ice cream territory. The crowds were out in full force for this Memorial Day weekend debut (it actually opened the Thursday before, so I missed by 2 days), and a gigantic tent with tables was in the place of a lot of pines.

Since this was the debut, there were no seasonal flavors on display, so I selected a cone with the flavor at the bottom of the list. The Mocha Almond Assualt met many of the characteristics of it’s name, though I do think referring to this as an assault is probably a bit of hyperbole. The ice cream had a bold coffee flavor, but the chocolate portion of the mocha seemed to be handled primarily by a thick swirl of fudgy chocolate. The almonds included whole pieces and large chunks of the nut and were crisp and fresh.

I wandered to eat my cone at a picnic table beneath a grove of tall pines, slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the shop itself. Fantasizing, I tried to envision what could make this into a genuine flavor assault. The best I could come up with is to make the ice cream a very bold mocha while replacing the swirl of fudge with a full-on wave of marzipan for the almonds to ride in on. Sure it could be a tactical campaign that only appeals to almond lovers, but that’s who is eating this scoop anyway.

It will be very interesting to watch how this place expands. There’s lots of great ice cream nearby, with both Rota Spring Farm and Cherry Hill already keeping the dairy quota high in the populace. However, Kimball’s is more than ice cream, and could very positively effect this area. Located just north of the Lancaster Flea Market, my best recommendation would be go on days other than Sunday (unless you are fleaing too) since this place might become a zoo on these days before the animals cages are even built.

Cone – small $3.80 large $4.25

Sundae – regular $5.25 doubledae $5.95

Frappes – $4.95 extra thick $5.25 malt +$.70

Kimball Farm

1543 Lunenburg Road, Lancaster MA 01523

978 534-9800

Open seasonally

Daily 10a-10p