Pinkberry – Cambridge MA

30 04 2011

Somehow it seems that our cities have been invaded by frozen yogurt, and not just the TCBY sort, but a tart that plays up the most culture-laden aspects of actual yogurt. Walking past this spot in Harvard Square whenever I descended into the T station, there finally was a night where the line wasn’t out the door. I stepped inside and found myself to a cup of Chocolate with some toffee and raspberries.

Pinkberry is a Los Angeles-based company that started in 2005 in West Hollywood and has somehow spread like a virus across the country. Heck, they’ve even opened shops in Dubai and Moscow and Lima, so their scope is truly international. The tart yogurt and fresh toppings make for something that its customers find addictive to the point that they colloquially refer to it as crackberry.

This shop is right in the heart of Harvard Square, at the top of the steps to the main T entrance. Parking to come here is an exercise in futility, but there are more than enough pedestrians here to keep lines out the door at all times of day. The brightly lit seems sterile especially compared to a roadside ice cream shack. This location has only a few tables in the front windows to sit, but there’s plenty of seating space outside in the square.

Walking in the front door I was struck hard by the sense of tart that fills the air… this is no simple wafting this is a blitzkrieg. It almost turns me away at the start as that tartness only serves to remind me of spoiled milk, which is not the right way to set my stomach. I ask for a cone, but the girl has no idea if they actually even have any, so I quickly defer to a cup and opt for chocolate, figuring that flavor will overpower any tartness. She adds a half-halo of raspberries and then sprinkles a few toffee pieces on the other side.

The chocolate doesn’t hold the tart at all which is nice, but in both flavor and texture this holds a strong resemblance to a fudgesicle. The toppings are fresh (don’t they have to be with the number of people flooding in and out) and the yogurt is as well. This is ultimately just fine, but with Berry Line just around the corner, there are certainly better options, even in Harvard Square, that make it seem quite amazing that this place has been able to franchise so rapidly.

I know that I’m not the best to review yogurts since it really doesn’t fly very far for me. However, the Boston globe spent last Wednesday devoted to the rise of frozen yogurts here in town. I’m working to fix my transportation issues so that I can get out and find new scoops and cones, but if it’s cold, we’ll try to find it and tell you all about it…

Original $1.95 cone $2.25 mini $2.75 small $3.75 medium $5.75 large $10.50 take home

w/toppings                 $2.75 mini $3.95 small $5.20 medium $7.20 large $1.95/cup take home

Flavor     $2.45 cone $2.70 mini $3.75 small $4.75 medium $6.75 large $11.50 take home

w/toppings                 $3.20 mini $4.95 small $6.20 medium $8.20 large $1.95/cup take home

Smoothies $4.50


1388 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

617 547 0573

Open year round

Hours Sun-Thurs 9a-11p, Friday & Saturday  9a-midnight