Olympic Ice Cream

27 02 2010

Two weeks of ice and snow based sports can certainly generate a craving for cold desserts. While most of my time has been spent watching curling online, it’s a sport that seems more aligned with what you can pull from a draft rather than what you can scoop from a tub. On my way back from an exodus in Portland, I drove through New Hampshire’s seacoast on Route 1. Why? Well to see if there was just this sort of sign at Lago’s Lone Oak Ice Cream in Rye (the owner’s son Scotty was the Olympic Snowboard Halfpipe Bronze Medalist and can be spotted on TMZ wearing his medal in inappropriate ways…)

Hopefully they’ll have a special flavor on the menu for 2010 commemorating Scotty’s Olympic achievement. Over in Vermont it has been a battle of the Hannahs. While snowboarder Hannah Teter already had worked out an arrangement with Ben & Jerry’s to create the flavor Maple Blondie whose proceeds go to children in Kenya, moguls skier Hannah Kearney made no bones about the desire for her own flavor after she was awarded the USA’s first gold medal of the Vancouver games.

Kearney’s flavor is speculated to be a combination of coffee ice cream and some sort of cookies… she had the flavor concept down during her first rounds of interviews after winning her medal. Ben and Jerry’s decided to green light the concept, and we’re busy scouting out grocery stores and scoop shops to get the details on what was speculated to be called “Kearney’s Java Jolt Bolt & Cookies.”