Meadowlands – Tewksbury MA

31 05 2012

Sometimes when you’re in north Middlesex County, everything seems to get overshadowed by Kimball’s. For all of the time my dad has spent finding every shortcut and backroad, this place was wholly unfamiliar and barely a half mile off of 495’s exit 37. While here, I had a sugar cone with scoops of Triple Threat.

I can imagine that when Meadowlands opened in 1964, the view behind the ice cream stand was uninterrupted green. Nowadays, you need to turn to the proper angle to keep a development of houses out of that vista, but what is here seems as though it’s been here since that first opening day.

There is a meadow behind the stand, and on the left side, picnic tables dot the places where the parking lot meets the grass. There’s a gigantic tree off to the right and a few tables bunched beneath it. Behind the mown lawn is a more swampy territory full of cat tails that offers up some premium ground for bird watching.

The menu board seemed as though it hadn’t been changed since 1964 with a majority of the flavors being very classic, no blue ice creams for kids and no cookie dough or cake pieces. When I got to the bottom of the list though, I was stuck by a big ‘huh?’ when I read Triple Threat. Not the name for any ice cream flavor that I’d ever heard of before. Their special was reverse chocolate chip, but it was out, so I opted to see if I could get threatened triply.

The ice cream was a chocolate and it included pieces of brownie and chocolate chips. Despite all of the chocolate, the flavor was hoping to be more fudgy than it actually is. The cream predominated, making the ice cream take the flavor of chocolate milk. While nothing was overwhelming, it’s that balance that kept this  oversized kiddie cone from being too much. These guys do the basics right, don’t go expecting bells and whistles, but this seems like classic local ice cream in the Hood and Brigham’s tradition rather than a small batch extravagance.

I’ve now got a new camera again, which should help reviews become more regular again. I was trying to do this without photos, but my sketches of cones and buildings were indecipherable. Now that’s fixed and I even took pictures of the birds flying around back here (I haven’t got a report from my nephew as to what they actually are yet though so I’m stuck merely saying birds).

Cone – kiddie $3 regular $3.50 large $4.50

Sundae – junior $4.25 regular $5.50 jumbo $6.50

Frappe – regular $5.50 large $6.50

Meadowlands Homemade Ice Cream

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Open St Patrick’s Day to Columbus Day
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