JP Licks – Newton Center MA

31 12 2010

The problem with Newton Center is that the two places I like to visit most, are never open at the same time. Rosenfeld’s Bagels is open until they sell out, which usually is about the time this brach of JP Licks wakes up. With a new store on the horizon for Wellesley, this soon won’t be the westernmost point in the JP Licks family. For New Year’s Eve, I went with a Myer’s Rum Raisin cone.

This location is a small storefront tucked near the end of the block right on the center. In most towns this would be the common, but here in Newton the area for community gathering has been replaced by an area for community parking. This shop is parallel with the Eastern tip of that lot. Inside the shop there is a bar with stools in the front of the shop enough for five people to sit and eat.

The best part of this is the water fountain located where the bar meets the counter. One of the things I most remember from ice cream shoppes of my youth was the seemingly pervasive fountain. I always remember cleaning my palate after making my way through a few scoops. I could almost tell where I was by what minerals or metals had leeched into the water. Nowadays finding any functioning outdoor fountain that you can sip from is a near miracle. This was inside, and you needed cups, but you didn’t need to ask anyone.

JP Licks has been a regular stop, with one nearby whenever I’m in need of an ice cream. I had even been to this location earlier in the month, but didn’t write it up after not having been wowed by their Egg Nog cone, nor any of the other flavors of the month. Despite being the last day of the month, none of the January flavors had hit the menu, so after a taste of the Butter Pecan, I settled in for Myer’s Rum Raisin.

The kick of the rum that comes with each bite of the cone is what is usually missing from this flavor, but JP Licks never resorts to overwhelming the alcoholic tinge with undue sweetness. Instead the raisins are the sweetest element in the mix, and those pieces are more than lifeless bits in the mix, instead they are distinguishable as actually having been fruit.

Despite parking only a few storefronts up from the store, I apparently had the look of a local, as I was stopped repeatedly (ok, three times), by different people looking for directions. In a spot like this, where there are a slew of one way streets, and a T stop nearby, the best bet is parking in that central lot and walking around. Depending on when you do it, you can always score a cone, or some bagels.

Cone – kiddie $2.99 small $3.70 regular $4.39 large $4.89

Sundae – small $5.45 medium $6.09 large $6.59

Frappe $5.35 xtra thick $5.65 (add malt $.59)

J.P. Licks

46 Langley Road, Newton, MA

617 244-0666

Open year round

Daily 6a – midnight