Murphys – Dingle IRE

16 06 2009

Living in New England is a real luxury for those of us addicted to ice cream. It’s tough to find towns without a parlor of their own. My parents just returned from a trip to Ireland and reported that there was only one place that made their own ice cream. My mom had a Chocolate cone and my dad the Bailey’s at Murphys main shop in Dingle.

murphys ice cream dingle ireland

Two brothers, Sean and Kieran Murphy, started this ice cream shoppe in 2000. They have since opened another shop in Kilarney, and are installing a scooping case in Dublin at Powerscourt Townhouse Cafe this Friday. In 2006, they began using only milk from Kerry cows native to their County Kerry home.

Since it was my folks that were here and not I, there’s only so much information I can glean from the photos. I can’t even read the prices off the menu board to relay that information as I usually would (and I was really hoping to get to use the Euro symbol). It looks like there are tables inside, and I think my dad said they actually had wifi. The information is limited since they were outside most of the time. Everything about their trip is an anomaly though – they spent over a week in Ireland and only had one day without sun.

I’m very impressed with the fact that this place uses local milk for their ice creams, maybe someday I’ll make it over here to try myself. They offer sixteen flavours at any point in time. While they have the same basic flavors, some of the more successful experiments include Pink Champagne Sorbet, Honey Cardamom, Chocolate Whiskey Truffle (with Irish whiskey), Brown Bread and Guinness, Bellini Sorbet, White Chocolate and Rosewater, and Chai Latte.

My dad gave the Guiness a taste, but they were drinking enough of that elsewhere along the way. My folks both had stellar reports, I haven’t seen the other couple they went with to confirm, but I can assume they liked it. I already do.

murphys ice cream dingle ireland cone

Kieran Murphy runs a blog called Ice Cream Ireland that is worth checking out if you live there or are visiting. It’s how I found out about the grand opening party on Friday in Dublin. If you make it there, have a scoop for me.

murphys dingle counter menu scoopers

Murphys Ice Cream

Strand St, Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland

066 915 2644

Open year round