Buck’s Turns 20!

16 10 2009

Most of the ice cream that we focus on is from New England since that is our primary base of operations, but for my extended collegiate tenure, I was in Columbia, Missouri. As a freshman at Mizzou, I lived in a dorm that had one of the most amazing amenities in the cafeteria. We had a freezer full of ice cream from the on campus ice cream shop, Buck’s Ice Cream. This past Friday they celebrated the 20th anniversary of their resurrection.


Buck’s is actually a part of the Agriculture School and there are real courses in ice cream science for those who want to learn. Professor Wendell Sherwood Arbuckle published a dissertation in 1940 that marked the start of ice cream research and an endowment that he left the university helped shift the focus of dairy research to ice cream. Buck’s is named for him, and that little shoppe tucked in the corner of campus was always one of the real highlights.

For a great photo/audio essay on the anniversary check this out: http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2009/10/16/bucks-ice-cream-celebrates-20th-anniversary/


Fire Destroys Millbury’s Ice Cream Barn

5 10 2009

There aren’t many things quite so devastating as fire. In a world of ice cream heat is always a nemesis, but on Friday evening, the Ice Cream Barn in Millbury burnt down. Fire officials at the scene saw no suspicious signs in how the fire was started.


The shoppe had been in operation for the past 31 years. On Friday, owner Ray Lemieux left work as usual around 6p, but fire crews arrived at 7:12p to find the building at 56 Canal St in Millbury already ablaze. Unfortunately, this is a destination that we hadn’t yet made it to, and now it enters the realm of mythical scoops.

For a full report on the blaze check this story from the Worcester Telegram.

Indian Pudding is Back! Rota Springs Eternal!

3 10 2009

Since my last trip to Rota Spring Farm in Sterling was just over a month ago, I probably shouldn’t write it up this time around. However, my nephew Tommy was in town this weekend and I had long promised that I would take him here when he wasn’t  in Chicago and it was open. That long promise isn’t quite so long since he does only turn four this month.

rota at night

With our current extended daylight savings hours, by the time I got to my parents’ house, thing were already getting dark, and after rallying the troops, it was a night drive. Luckily, we left in time as Rota’s fall hours are reduced from their regular schedule and things there are now closing at 8p. (Daily 11:30a-8p from September 27 until closing in mid-November)

While Tommy has yet to get adventurous with his flavor selections, he liked the chocolate ice cream as much as he liked the goats behind the stand. The real beacon on the menu board was the return of Indian Pudding and Pumpkin. While I could indulge myself in gallons of Indian pudding alone, I paired the two scoops on a single sugar cone.

The pumpkin as the top scoop was a refreshing flavor that wasn’t as dominated by nutmeg and allspice as this flavor often is, instead allowing the fruit itself to carry much of the taste. The bottom scoop was thus left to Indian pudding, and the first taste of that sent me back into a spiral of bliss. I may have eaten hundreds of scoops of ice cream since we started this blog, but if I had to do a desert island selection, this would be my first choice. The molasses and corn meal and spices are in a near perfect solution here. With strong flavors, a divine taste, and the creamy freshness that only comes from nearby cows, this is why I eat ice cream.

pumpkin and indian pudding ice cream rota spring rota's rota springs spring's farm sterling junction mass ma

For most people, Sterling is out of the loop. Some things are worth the extra effort. Despite the fact that my exhortations may make it more difficult for me to fill up on quarts on the last day of the season, I implore you to make this a road trip destination. If you are a real fan of ice cream, you owe it to yourself to get out here before things close up for the winter. If you don’t make it, I’m going to give the same proclamation on their opening weekend.

Other trips here: https://weallscreamforicecream.wordpress.com/2009/03/14/sprung-rota-spring-farm-sterling-ma/


Cone – kiddie $2.43 small $3.10 large $4.05

Sundae – 1scoop $3.81 2scoop $4.52 3scoop $5.24

Frappe $4.05 extra thick $4.52

Rota Spring Farm117 Chace Hill Road, Sterling MA 01564


Open from March to mid-November

Open daily from 11:30a-9:30p