Louie’s Ice Cream – Somerville MA

1 07 2008

I went out to my car to get the camera so we could walk to Harvard Square and go try some ice cream we hadn’t got to yet. Then I realized there was a problem. My car was gone. After we located it in a tow lot in Somerville, it seemed like a good time to reconfigure our plans. Ivy and Marissa bot got rainbow jimmies on their Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Peppermint Stick cones respectively. I went for an unadorned Chocolate Fudge Walnut cone.

Nobody seems to know much about Louie’s Ice Cream. It seems to have been here for ages, between the neon on the sign and the old metal menu boards. It’s one of the only spots that I’ve found in the city that doesn’t have any indoor seating. The door to the inside even says “Employees Only,” so ordering is done streetside.

The boards listing the flavors were covered in wide masking tape that blocked out all of the things that are no longer available. It was also the only way the prices had changed over the course of the past years.

I watched one of the workers come out and pulled a bunch of the masking tape off. Assuming that the flavors that were re-revealed were fresh and new, that was why I determined that the Chocolate Fudge Walnut was the cone for me. The name is deceptive though as this was a chocolate ice cream with big walnut chunks, but there’s not ripple, or even hint, of fudge present. The ice cream was good, but due to the temperatures started melting all over my hands and shirt. Makes it tough to pay attention to the taste when you’re merely trying to control a drip, but the walnuts kept astonishing me because they seemed to have been freshly cracked. The ice cream was good, but I wish I could have enjoyed it more.

A friend of mine that lives blocks away on Winter Hill had no idea this place existed. The fact that it is a seasonally operated ice cream joint in the midst of some very ethnic areas of Somerville might keep it off most people’s radar, but there is nothing else around for miles and the fare offered up here will fit most urges for something cold in your belly.

There are a few picnic benches out front, but there is only a bus stop between them and the bustling East Somerville streets. Near the corner of 28 and Broadway, only alley’s offer any real shade and most of them are not the sort of place you want to venture down with all of your faculties, never mind with a cone in hand.

Cone – small $3.00 medium $3.50 large $4.00

Sundae – regular $4.95 large $5.95

Louie’s Ice Cream

193 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145-2120


Open seasonally

Monday-Thurs 12a-10p, Friday-Sunday 12a-11p

Louie’s online




One response

17 07 2008

I’m kind of surprised the WH zealots haven’t shown up here yet to proudly disclaim the area east of McGrath Highway as not being worthy of Winter Hilliness.

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