Angora Ice – Chestnut Hill MA

25 08 2011

I keep returning to places that I’ve already written up so this morning I set out with the intention of finding someplace new. Somehow the spot that I found has roots in the area reaching back twenty-five years, so I settled in with a Burnt Sugar cone.

pic – storefront

Angora Ice is a recent offshoot of the Angora Cafe. I guess if I had done some advance research I’d’ve know this, but the case is that I only made the connection afterwards. However, it does nicely explain why it is that a place that opened last August can proclaim that they’ve been “serving the best frozen yogurt for over 20 years.”

This shop is located right next to the entrance to the Star Market here on Boylston Street, so it’s an easy enough place to get to with tons of parking. The shop itself is pretty tiny and the menu boards are on those oddly-too-bright screens like you expect to see nowhere but McDonalds. Outside there is seating at a few tables, and they’ve got a big ice cream cone sitting on the sidewalk to attract attention the fact that this is not part of the grocery store, but its own shop.

Inside things make sense. The yogurt is soft and comes from a machine and the ice cream selection is limited to a small set of base selections with an array of mix-ins. I look to the special flavors first and am intrigued by the carrot cake. It’s rich and full and with carroty sweet goodness, however, in the last week of August, it’s just too much of a fall flavor to surrender to, so instead I take a cone of the burnt sugar.

Sometimes burnt sugar is a flavor that doesn’t differ too much from a heavy caramel. It’s the degree of burning that makes the difference, but much like when toasting a marshmallow over a campfire, if you go too far it just seems like a mess of coal. Here at Angora, they do leave the sugar over the fire longer than most, but that works well to their advantage as this ice cream has got me craving graham crackers and pieces of a Hershey bar. This is potent burnt sugar that hits that delicate balance like right before the marshmallows set themselves ablaze.

pic – cone

You may notice the lack of pictures in this entry. There’s a reason for that, and it’s no good. With a bag of groceries, a cone, and my camera in had as I got back to my car, it seems I put that camera on the top of my car as I loaded the rest of the stuff inside. Seems as though I may have left it there as I drove off. I put calls in to Angora, Star Market, the Chestnut Hill Shopping Center, and even posted in Craigslist’s Lost & Found. Hopefully, I’ll have reason to change this text in the coming days

Cone – small $3.70 large $4.99 pint $6.71

Sundae – small $5.25 large $5.75

Angora Ice

3A Boylston St, Chestnut Hill MA 02467

617 730 8900

Open year round

Hours #a-#p




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