Nudo – Nonantum MA

18 08 2011

Recently, I went to have lunch with my brother, and shortly after setting out I slowed to a crawl as I noticed the open flags swinging and the new signage for this gelateria in Nonantum. It’s Newton’s first neighborhood as you cross the line from Watertown, and today I finally made it my destination and had a cup of Nudo.

In Italian, Nudo means nude, but that is in reference to the basic natural ingredients that Andrew Tedeschi brings to the gelatos that he makes here. There aren’t pin-ups littering the walls, just a few tables, with a case for baked goods and another for gelato backed up to each wall. This place can fill up quickly if there’s a group of people here, but there’s a couple tables on the sidewalk as well.

With Nudo, Tedeschi is displaying his Italian pride for this neighborhood by bringing first class gelato to the suburbs. The thought is that he’s bringing a taste of the North End to Nonatum, but in truth what they’re making here is better than the gelato you can get there already. The green, white, and red Open flags are a nice touch without being too overt.

The case is intimidating with twenty-odd flavors waiting to be picked, and names often in Italian that take some translation to figure out. There are some fruit sorbet options as well, and I get a taste of the blood orange raspberry. It’s pretty fantastic, but for a whole cup (yes, again no cones for gelato) I think I’m in the mood for something creamy. When I realize that this shop has its own signature flavor, well, do take a taste first, but my cup gets filled with nudo.

The taste is sort of a white Russian, but far more complex. There’s some chocolate and some marzipan and some coffee, or coffee liqueur. And then there are thin small flakes of chocolate dispersed throughout. It’s so smooth and creamy it feels as though it’s sledding down your throat. If you’re gonna give a flavor the same name as your store you need to make it great, and Nudo is.

There’s a lot of coffee in here as well, and they’ve even got a panini menu. I can’t believe that I’d missed this place driving along 16, but when I find out that their opening day was only June 4, I don’t feel quite so bad. I’ll be back to make up for lost time.

closing paragraph/bonus material

Cone – piccolo $3.50 medio $4 grande $4.75

Sundae $6.50

Affogato $4.50

Nudo’s Gelateria

308 Watertown St, Newton, MA 02458

617 795 0213

Open year round

Monday-Saturday 11a-11p, Sunday noon-11p




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