Gibby’s – Worcester MA

15 08 2011

Taking a day off on Sunday to check out the Bolton Fair left me out in Bolton on Monday morning with nothing to do until the middle of the afternoon. As a result I radically reworked my path back east with a route that started by heading west to Worcester toward Gibson Brothers Dairy where I devoured a Heavenly Hash cone.

Gibby’s has been a regular fixture in Worcester for over 75 years. Friends who grew up in the area remember the milk trucks making deliveries with a full gamut of dairy products. Nowadays those deliveries still take place, and there is a dairy store right next to the ice cream barn, though as luck would have it, it is regularly closed on Mondays.

Tucked away atop Grafton Hill, this ice cream stand would seem wholly in the middle of nowhere and not New England’s third biggest city if it weren’t for the shadow of the Price Chopper that looms across the street. The rain here certainly puts a damper on things, but there are picnic benches all around the parking lot – a lot that is defined by metal poles painted with cow’s spots which seem to limit the chances for drivers to accidently hit anything else.

Needless to say things were quiet when I arrived between the rain and the fact the store wasn’t open. It gave me a chance to try a few samples of their ice creams. I started with the blueberry honey graham, it was a good flavor, but as the girl at the counter said, “it tastes like a NutraGrain bar,” and it was texturally that way as well… chewy and grainy in a way that you don’t expect from ice cream. The key lime pie had a potent lime flavor and bits of crust, but wasn’t what I was after on this day. For some reason, I even went for a taste of bubble gum, but all that did was remind me why I never go for that as a flavor. After such experimentation, heavenly hash seemed like a perfect default.

Even in this relatively temperate day, the ice cream had a mind of its own, and led by the marshmallow swirls it was melting as soon as I had it in my hand. It took some serious work to try and get this cone under any control as it melted away on me (thankfully any drops that made it to the ground were quickly washed away by the rains). The flavors were great with a sweet creamy milk chocolate that was buoyed by that swirl, and the chips were large rectangular pieces liberally distributed through the whole thing. It’s a great ice cream from a specific place, and the only spot in Worcester that makes their own ice cream.

Getting here from 290 was actually pretty eye-opening. Instead of driving all the way through the city and then coming back east, I skirted the eastern edge of the city, driving south the whole way down Lake Street until I got to Sunderland Rd. The cottages along Lake Quinsigamond did a great job of getting me in the mood for ice cream and showed me a part of Worcester that was wholly unfamiliar.

Cone – kids $3 regular $3.65 large $4.25 extra large $4.95

Sundae – kids $3.95 regular $5.65 super size $6.45 specialty $6.75

Frappe $4.95

Gibson Brothers Dairy

50 Sunderland Road, Worcester, MA

508 753-1095

Open April-October

Daily noon-9p

Gibby’s online




2 responses

7 12 2011
Paul from Lowell

Gibbys has been using Richardsons for years now…..according to Fran Gibson, the owner

9 04 2014

any job openings ?

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