Cows and Cones – Ledyard CT

20 07 2011

Heading to a family vacation on Long Island, I’m not really in any rush to get there at any specific time. All that’s ahead is time on the beach , so it seems silly to get worried and rush to go relax. So instead of crossing the Thames and getting to the ferry as quick as I could I turned North and found a fantastic Lemon Pie cone.

Cows and Cones takes up the space of one building in the midst of Alice Acres Farm in Gales Ferry. This spot is easy to find as it’s on the Military Highway that leads to the north entrance to the submarine base. Any military thoughts stop at the address, as when you tun off the road you’re in a perfectly rural setting  with a chicken coop, and cows hiding from the sun in the intense heat.

The farm market and greenhouse provide a fantastic setting, but the building itself is made for ice cream. There’s a significant overhang on all sides of the building that keeps out the rain and provides shade, and enough room for a batch of tables behind the building. There’s a pavilion just a few more steps up the hill and it has another ten picnic tables beneath it. Heck, even the overflowing flower beds that you have to walk through to approach the window are just the cherry on top.

Alice Acres opened back in 1995 , but Cows and Cones didn’t open until the summer of 2007;  it seems like they took that time to refine their recipes before opening. The tastes that I had were all a treat but the actual prospect of pieces of pie in the Lemon Pie ice cream was was far too alluring when the lemon flavor was as bold as it was. I went with a sugar cone.

There wasn’t any meringue in this, but to be honest, I kept imagining it with each bite that I took. The pie crust was buttery and sweet, so much so that I kept expecting to find out that the crust had chips of meringue embedded with it. The lemon was tart and sweet with the tart driving the taste toward key lime while remaining very much lemon. This was worth however long a side trek it took, the sort of ice cream place that you are more than willing to drive to as a destination in itself.

A quick jog back south puts me on 95 and over the bridge into New London, and just as quick to the ferry across the sound. The only issues on this trip are that I’ve found all of the ice cream on the North Fork. Or maybe there’s something to find…

Cone -li’l $2.50 1 scoop $3.50 2 scoops $4.99 3 scoops $5.99

Sundae soft $5.50 hard $6.50

Shake regular $4.50 large $4.99 malted +$.50

Cows and Cones

39 Military Highway, Ledyard, CT 06335

860 464-2663 ‎

Open April-October

Hours noon-9p




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