Savin Scoop – Dorchester MA

17 07 2011

National Ice Cream Day is a time for particular celebration, and my pre-breakfast pint of Hagen-Daas’ Blueberry Crumble seemed like the right way to kick off the day. After a long day’s work and a softball game under the blazing sun, it was time to refuel, so we head to Savin Hill where I had a Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip cone.

Savin Scoop is the epitome of a neighborhood scoop shop. Nestled in the midst of the Savin Hill neighborhood of Dorchester, this ice cream place opened in November in the one non-residential block around the train stop. With its flag hanging out above the sidewalk, you see a true cross section of the local populace -old folks, hipsters, families – when we walk into the air-conditioned space.

Aside from a bar along the front window, the tables inside are a bit cluttered, but such proximity is bound to increase inadvertent eavesdropping. That is part of the official slogan for this place: “Local Ice Cream. Local Gossip.” With early morning hours, I’m sure they sell more coffee than ice cream and the open spaces are filled with lots of different candies (though they do lean too hard on the M&M/Hershey side of the world where I think they’d be a perfect spot for penny candy.

Looking at the menu board, I quickly realize that the ‘Local’ part of the ice cream equation is not local enough to be homemade – instead the menu board reveals that what we’ve got is Bliss Dairy stock. My brother relishes the graham central station impressed by the graham flavored ice cream as opposed mere pieces of cracker, and out teammate Jon selects his regular, chocolate chip. After having had Bliss a few times in recent weeks, I go for the black raspberry chocolate chip, which actually claims to be a frozen yogurt.

Bliss’ frozen yogurt is more ice milk than yogurt, with low fat milk used in place of cream and no real active cultures in this mix. Semantics aside, this is a nice smooth black raspberry that is markedly less heavy than the ice cream, plus you get the bonus of loads of chocolate chips. While this is not homemade, it’s tough to issue many complaints on a day devoted to ice cream.

Trying to get out of Savin Hill reminds me of why it took so log to get here – the road winds around and spits us out pointing the wrong direction with no chance to turn around for almost a mile. Maybe I just don’t know my way around down here, but this neighborhood seems like the far side of the world from Harvard Square. However, if it is your neighborhood, it’s a great place to get a cone.

Cone – kids $2.50 regular $3.50 large $4.50

Sundae $5.25

Shake/Frappe $4.95

Savin Scoop

107 Savin Hill Ave, Dorchester, MA 02125


Open year round

Hours 7a-10p




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