Cafe Arpeggio – South Boston MA

10 07 2011

It seems most every softball game that I’ve played so far this year has been on Daly Field where Brighton meets Newton on the Charles, and that spot is too near my apartment to drive past much of anything. With today’s doubleheader scheduled for Evans Field near Castle Island, I plotted my route there to stop here for ice cream. I got a sandwich and a Reese’s Bits & Pieces cone.

This South Boston cafe is the second in a line of four family run businesses that started in 1989 in Mansfield. This shop opened in 1997 and they’ve since expanded to Fall River and New Bedford. It’s at the New Bedford store where ice cream is made every Wednesday during the year, and that stock is distributed to the other locations.

This shop is a nice little cafe with an overcrowded menu board and two freezer cases at the back. There are  a bunch of small tables littered around the front part of the store , with a couple tables and chairs even making their way to the sidewalk on this sunny day. It’s not really the sort of place you can sit and try samples, and I’d already ordered a sandwich to go. I figured I could have a Reese’s bits & pieces and be pretty safe.

What I got was a marvelous sweet cream scoop filled with ‘bits’ of smashed Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and whole Reese’s Pieces. It was remarkably unassuming to hold, but each bite seemed richer than the one before it. By not overwhelming things with vanilla, a natural nuttiness emanates from the peanut butter. None of that is quite right, but there was something compelling that had me done with my cone before my sandwich was made.

The softball games, well, they were a challenge as we were left with only 7 people on our team after a few folks failed to show. Unfortunately, noble efforts don’t do much to fill the hole left by the lack of a second baseman. If you can swing a bat, we’ve got an extra glove for you, get in touch…

Cone – regular $2.99 medium $3.99 large $4.99

Sundae – small $3.99 medium $5.29 large $6.99

Frappe $4.99

Cafe Arpeggio

398 West Broadway, Boston, MA 02127-2287

617 269-8822

Open year round

Weekdays 6a-10p, weekends 7a-10p




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