Abbott’s – Brighton MA

7 07 2011

Somehow I’ve been wholly oblivious about Abbott’s finally sneaking into Boston for four months despite the fact that the store is located at the intersection of Washington St and Market/Chestnut Hill Ave. It wasn’t until I was heading to Jamaica Plain in the morning that the sun shone the right way off this sign and announced itself. Today I found a parking spot and a Chocolate Almond cone.

Abbott’s has been around since 1902, but unless you’ve found yourself around Rochester NY you’ve probably never heard of it. A first Massachusetts store opened a few years ago in Needham Center, and the first time I went there I was overwhelmed by that Western New York accent (apparently it was a special day where repatriated New Yorkers were all gathering for frozen custard.

Mary Pat Dauria has brought the frozen custard that she loved growing up in Rochester to the heart of Brighton, marking the first frozen custard shop within Boston city limits. Inside are full windows with vistas of the cityscape and a few tables with wood tones and whites keeping things looking clean and nice. Outdoors you have the option of wandering the sidewalk or potentially hanging out and licking your cone on the handicap ramp if it were raining.

The pitch here is the fact that this is a frozen custard, so if eggs are a problem for you, then Abbott’s should go on your skip list. They don’t have an unending list of flavors, instead you can expect about eight options with a couple of those being dedicated to yogurt or sherbet or some frozen alternative. If you want crazy, they can mix in the toppings, but I went simple – chocolate almond.

If I hadn’t been watching, I would have been certain that these almonds were mixed into chocolate custard right before it was handed to me, they were just that fresh. The chocolate was creamy and soft and rich, just the way a custard should be… though given the flavor, I wouldn’t mind them trying a dark chocolate and sending this way over the top in decadence.

Since I was heading to meet up with a friend, I added a black raspberry wheel to my bill. Rushing to the car, I cranked the air conditioning and hid it under my cap to keep it out of the sun. With limited melting, this made for a truly classic update on the Carvel Flying Saucer.

Cone – kiddie $2.50 single $3.75 double $4.50

Sundae – classic $5.50 favorite $6

Milk shake $4.25

Abbott’s Frozen Custard

358 Washington St, Boston, MA 02135

617 562-8600

Open year round

Sunday-Thursday noon-10p, Friday & Saturday noon-11p




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