Sunshine Farm – Sherborn MA

16 06 2011

Working second shift makes most of my ice cream adventures solo ones. If I’m going before work, everyone else is already at theirs, and by the time I’m done most folks are already in bed. Today, I drove out to pick my brother up for lunch from his work and found this farm not too far away where I went for a Black Raspberry cone.

Sunshine Farm has been around since 1937 and has passed through generations of the Geoghegan family. As a fruit and vegetable stand, it has been producing its own crops for just as long with something always in season on this hundred acre farm. My twinge of sadness came when I realized that the strawberries that I could go pick were not the same crop that was in the ice cream.

On a rainy day, there’s enough of an overhang to cover some benches and still make your cone eating experience a good one. On a good day, there’s a range of picnic tables all waiting to be used by families out to indulge themselves in a nice treat. And while this place seems like it might be in the middle of nowhere, in truth it’s in the corner of Sherborn that’s remarkably close to both the Natick and Framingham town lines.

Looking down the list of ice cream options offered here, it was easy to figure out that their ice cream supply comes from Bliss Dairy. Bliss seems to have a lock on many of the farms and orchards that give people an extra reason to head out during the summer heat. I wasn’t sure what to try, but figuring I was on a farm, something fruity seemed right, so I tasted the Orange Pineapple, but the ice crystals in it made me remember that it is an ice cream I’ve determined only to consume when I fresh ocean air fills my nostrils. Instead, I fell back on black raspberry as my easy go to cone.

While my cone did seem like a bit of a dwarf, it was just the right taste for this lunch, with a strong raspberry flavor – even if the seeds and texture of the fruit had been filtered out somewhere in the process of making this. It made for a nice cone, if not a destination that you need to add to your queue of ice cream places to visit. If you live within a couple of towns, this is worth checking out, but odds are good if you have to drive too far, there’s likely someone closer that can bring Bliss to your taste buds.

A real farm stand attached offered up some of the best looking strawberries I’ve seen all season, with robust reds bursting with even more taste than the color would have you imagine. After having been limited in my fruit consumption by bad weather when I was on Long Island during what should have been the peak of their season, the quart of berries I walked away with here was the real treat of the day.

Cone – kiddie $2.95 one scoop $3.50 regular $4.50 large $4.95

Sundae – regular $5.50 large $6.50

Frappe $5.25

Sunshine Farm Market & Ice Cream

41 Kendall Ave.  Sherborn, MA

508 655 5022

Open May-October

Daily noon-6p, until 9p from Memorial Day-Labor Day




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21 08 2013

Sunshine Dairy is where I fell in love with Black Raspberry!

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