Rota Springs Eternal – Open for the Season

25 03 2011

If you’ve been following along, there is a favorite ice cream joint of mine. You’ve got to head out to the wilds of Sterling to find it, but Rota Spring Farm is the place that I compare all others to. It opening for the season is one of the first great signs of Spring, and when I learned I was weeks late, I made a trip home and headed out with my parents after dinner.

This is one of the few places I like going with a double scoop and mixing flavors. On the top is the new flavor Almond Almond. The repetition is due to the fact that the ice cream is both flavored and filled with almonds like the most decadent marzipan delight. On the bottom, my traditional favorite, the Indian Pudding which is back on the menu full-time after an attempt to make it seasonal, the demand (and I like to think this blog) helped them return it to it’s permanent position.

For more info look at our earlier trips here:




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11 08 2012
James Donahue

I actually made the trip there, and ordered the amazing 6-scoop banana split, with Indian Pudding being one of the flavors. See if you can go there and order the 6-scoop banana split and eat the whole thing. It’s certainly the great tool for an ice cream sampler to try out, in case you can’t choose what flaver you want.

Actually, I blogged about it, back on my Banana Splitsomania Channel, which is:

But, yea. We need to start petitioning Rota Spring Farm to remain open year-round. Maybe they could add a mini golf here, so that people can hang out. It could be a competition between this and Kimball Farm.

13 08 2012
James Donahue

Ops, sorry that if the link doesn’t work. The link to my ice cream channel is:

12 09 2012
James Donahue

Just went in, and they are now selling Egg Nog ice cream at Rota Springs! Just wander when you will post your updates to Rota Springs? Next time you go, try a meatball sub. They are so good.

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