Cravings – Wakefield MA

26 08 2010

Anymore, my birthdays are just weird. There aren’t any real changes that happen, and my friends are so far flung that the concept of any sort of party could only really exist in a virtual idiom. After failing to convince anyone to head to Gloucester for lobster, my brother Tim and I drove north and I had a Cappuccino Biscotti cone and he went with Broken Hearts.

Cravings subtitles itself as being “At Colonial Spa,” but it’s tough to figure out what that is. My guess is that if I dug up some old Wakefield newspapers from the 50s, this would be the place with a soda jerk pulling egg creams and a jukebox full of rambunctious 45s that caused a spontaneous sock hop to break out  most afternoons. Truth is, aside from the lack of a jukebox, this place still looks like it could happen.

Inside there’s a row of benches with tables along the wall and a second row of tables with two seats each in this narrow storefront. Cravings also is aware that sometimes it takes more than a scoop of ice cream to satiate a real sweet tooth, and their counter is full of old-fashioned candies to tempt patrons. There’s also a case full of gourmet chocolate truffles and a cooler in the back with ice cream cakes.

The menu board is half fixed and half in constant flux. The first thing I noticed were the words cappuccino biscotti, two things that I can’t recall ever having appeared next to each other in the context of ice cream. The taste was striking and I realized that I didn’t need a second sample. Tim went for the Broken Hearts, a vanilla ice cream that had a variety of those gourmet truffles busted up inside of it.

The one thing that I couldn’t determine for sure was whether the cinnamon taste that kept sneaking into my cone was coming from the coffee or from the cookies. It seemed too present to just be coming from the biscotti, but even Mexicans don’t cut their coffee with cinnamon the same way that they do with chocolates. This coffee flavor was strong, and the cookie was crunchy, but not so unwieldy as to force consideration of the two parts individually. These bold flavors balance against each other, and make for a heck of a fine cone.

With a pocket full of spare change, the candy-filled counters were far too tempting. the best of those are the most politically incorrect. I mean how else could I tease my sister-in-law about my brother’s new smoking habit if I hadn’t spent a dollar on four packs of candy cigarettes.

Cone – small $2.99 medium $3.74 large $4.30

Sundae – small $4.91 large $6.08

Frappe – small $3.88 large $4.91

Cravings at Colonial Spa

389 Main Street, Wakefield, MA

781 245-7665

Open year round

Monday-Saturday 11a-10p, Sunday noon-10p




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27 08 2010

We had cappuccino biscotti at our work ice cream party. It came from Christina’s. It also had a bold taste, which seemed to be cinnamon and nutmeg, with cappuccino as an after taste. It wasn’t my favorite flavor, but it was certainly unique. You might want to swing by Christina’s when you’re in cambridge and see if they have it. A flavor comparison for research purposes…

24 01 2011
Harmy G

Weird usage of “anymore.”

3 04 2011

I grew up in Wakefield in the 50s and 60s and frequently went to Colonial Spa on my way home from high school. As Colonial Spa,it had stools and a soda fountain on the left and homemade candy on the other side. I still go there for their delicious flavors and excellent hot fudge.

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