Sips n’ Licks – Brighton MA

25 08 2010

Nights that I drive home late from JP to Watertown have me drive right past this location. Usually the time I pass by has all of the storefronts darkened so I didn’t notice when this opened, but my brother found mention of it somewhere online recently. After wasting a day at the RMV, I stopped here and had a Black Raspberry Chip Custard cone.

Sips n’ Licks opened up in Brighton at the beginning of the summer, but its Oak Square location keeps it out of the loop of most general news sweeps for goings on in town. My only friend who lived in this neighborhood moved away a few months ago, so it would have been easy to miss this place entirely since the only time I ever stopped here was for midnight subs at the pizza joint next door.

The place is part of an inconspicuous cement block, located directly between two competing pizza joints, right next to a fire station undergoing serious renovations. There’s a few booths worth of seating inside, and a small grassy knoll just across the street to accommodate cone eaters. The rain was persistent enough that I stood around inside studying the menu since the tables were full of folks taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi.

I was prepared going in for this place to be a small local coffee shop that doubled as another outlet for Brigham’s or Richardson’s, but a quick look in the freezer case negated that thought. Inside were fresh flavor combinations, including a few varieties of frozen custard and fresh sorbet. I started with a taste of the black raspberry chip custard, and only had a taste of the butter pecan as well to ensure that the first flavor wasn’t a mere anomaly. The custard made it into my cone.

Inside the freezer case, the custard had the deepest purple hue that I’ve seen in a cone and that color wasn’t mere artificial tint, it was a sign of the flavor jam-packed into this cone. Many raspberry flavors just hint at the fruitiness of the berry and keep things as light as possible. With this denser, egg-laden custard, the black raspberry needs to be bold in order to stand out, and here it does holding a taste that is reminiscent of nothing so much as a great valentine’s truffle.

I picked up a dish of their mango sorbet for an octogenarian friend of mine who’s lactose intolerant. Whether it was a matter of mere hunger, or something else, he dove headlong into the bowl and didn’t come back up until it was empty. He made very quick time of the sorbet, which is a heck of a sign since he never makes quick time with much of anything.

Cone – 1scoop $2.65 2scoops $3.65 3scoops $4.65

Sundae – small $4.50 large $5.50

Frappe $4.70 extra-thick $5.70

Sips n’ Licks

433 Faneuil St, Brighton, MA, 02135

617 782-2535

Open year round

Weekdays 7a-10p, Saturday & Sunday 9a-10p

Sips n’ Licks on Yelp




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