Richie’s – Everett MA

11 08 2010

Yes, Richie’s is not an ice cream place. And yes, I didn’t have ice cream here. Instead, I decided to give their Super Premium Italian Ice a go. It was a hot enough day, and the bad taste from my last ice cream was still lingering, so I chose a Red Raspberry slush.

Step 1 with Richie’s is the joy of getting here. It’s just off the rotary where 16 and 99 meet and if you don’t know where you are going when you take the sprocket that points you to Revere Beach, you are going to drive right on past. Richie’s is the first thing you see. The only thing surprising is that there aren’t usually emergency vehicles and tow trucks in front of it from people trying to stop.

Richie’s has been around since 1956, and their ices can be found in so many convenient stores and freezer cases around New England that it’s stunning that this little shack is the center of it all. This is where they do slush the right way, and even know to keep things stirred during the day so that customers don’t wind up with just a hard chunk of ice.

For those who aren’t inclined to slush, there are two separate windows at Richie’s the one one the left is for slush and the one on the right is for getting ice cream (from Richardson’s) and never the two shall meet. Unless you are there with a large party and people are getting some of each, it’s best to go to the right place to order. I went to the left and tried the Red Raspberry.

It all depends on the temperature when you eat it as to what you will get from this slush. They include a straw with a scoop on the end, but to start with there’s no chance that you can suck anything through the straw. Initially the consistency is much like that of a dense sorbet, the raspberry flavors are strong and fruity. As the slush begins to become more viscous, the sweetness begins to take over the fruit flavors, by the end of the cup, you may wind up with just a sicky sweet syrup depending on how much you ordered.

This Summer, I have been hung up on Slush Puppies. The days when it’s too hot to think about ice cream ruled much of June, and it was the convenient option at the store down the street. With those, you combine super tart flavor shots with a sweetened granular ice water. The result is something completely different from Richie’s, but I figured this was the best place to mention my digressions.

Cone – small $3.10 medium $3.65 large $4.20

Sundae – small $4.40 large $6

Frappe $5.50

Slush – small $2.50 medium $2.95 large $3.25 x-large $4.50 quart $5 gallon $14

Richie’s Slush

2084 Revere Beach Parkway, Everett, MA 02149-5927

617 389-6407

Open year round

Hours 11a-9p




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