Junction – Needham Junction MA

8 08 2010

With my sister-in-law out of town busy becoming an aunt again, my brother Tim and I found ourselves with little to do on a Sunday afternoon. My toe was still preventing active activity, so I sent him to the internet to find undiscovered ice cream. Something compelled me to get a Creamsicle soft serve cone with a chocolate dip.

Junction ice cream really is what it claims to be – an ice cream stop at a train station located at a junction of two tracks. The building was built around 1906, and no one is sure when the ice cream facilities took over the spot. What it looks like is merely a brick monolith plopped into a parking lot beside train tracks.

As far as ambiance and convenience go, anything this ice cream window picks up is a result of the active train schedule. There’s an indoor spot here, but the door was locked so the best seating was the benches on the opposite side of the building. Given the proximity to newspaper boxes and the lack of melted stains on the ground, these are really meant for folks waiting for the train.

When I first peered at the menu board, I let out a mild groan. Why? Well, after having my brother look for someplace we’d never been and actually traveling here, we realized that the hard ice cream they served was Bliss and as you can see from the preceding review, I’d just been their headquarters. That’s when I made the dastardly choice to go soft and try the creamsicle with a chocolate dip.

With a thin dip that would not harden and instead dripped like a sickly student with a nasty cold, this was barely appetizing enough to start. Once through the mess of chocolate, I realized that the creamsicle ice cream was not a swirl of soft serve vanilla and orange sherbet, but instead just plain ice cream with a rancid orange flavor blast swirled carelessly through the mix. Even calling it ice cream was tough as the mix was dense and tasteless and made me feel like I was being forced to consume some sort of overly processed dairy good made for people who can’t deal with lactose.

If you’re heading here as a local outpost to get a Bliss cone, it is definitely worth the stop. If you are a soft serve fan, imagine instead that this location has a force field around it and going there will kill you, and head to Weston (or anywhere that doesn’t rely on flavor shots) instead.

Cone – kiddie $1.75 small $2.25 medium $2.75 large $3.50

Sundae – small $5.50 large $6.25

Frappe $4.25 (only made with soft serve!)

Junction Ice Cream

40 Junction Street, Needham, MA 02492

781 433-0336

Open year round

Daily 1p-9p

Junction online




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