Bliss Bros – Attleboro MA

6 08 2010

After my band played in Providence last weekend and I didn’t get the chance to find ice cream, I wasn’t going to do that a second time when I drove down to pick up my keyboard player Creed. While Rhode Island wasn’t so accommodating, I made my way to the Bliss HQ for a Mocha Chip scoop.

Bliss’ ice cream is everywhere across the south shore and the area west of 95, as their large ice cream making facility here is enough to keep thousands swimming in pools full of frozen deliciousness… assuming there was any way to keep a pool full cool.

Bliss was started in the 1920s when the family moved from Rehoboth, and this marks their 80th year as a dairy and ice cream shop. It wasn’t until the early 70s that the Bliss family began wholesaling their ice cream, and later in that decade they opened a restaurant so that this primary facility is more like a fancy Friendlys than anything else.

Since this is where the ice cream, I was a bit surprised that there was only a single special flavor for the month. I didn’t even give it a try since they’d opted for a blueberry yogurt this month, and looking around I realized that they always had only one special flavor for each month. After scanning all of the options, I landed on a simple mocha chip cone.

The ice cream was as fresh and vibrant as a flavor should be when its creation site is so nearby. Both the coffee and chocolate flavors were subtle, letting the creaminess of the fresh scoop really have control here. The large square chunks of chocolate chip that were laced through the whole scoop were a great additional treat.

Creed opted for some other snacks from the store that this is all a part of, surprisingly there wasn’t much in the way of outdoor seating as it seems as though the majority of their customers sit down and have ice cream as a meal ender rather than an independent treat. It’s also easy to tell that sundaes are likely more popular than cones here as this was just about the most poorly packed cone I’ve run across this year. The cone itself was empty once I ate the ice cream off the top.

Cone – small $3.40 large $4.20

Sundae – small $3.95 large $4.95

Frappe – $4.25

Bliss Bros. Dairy

711 Park Street, Attleboro, MA 02703

508 222 2884

Open year round

Hours 7a-10p (9p in winter)




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