Snowflake – Riverhead NY

26 07 2010

My nephew Tommy and I had made plans to eat ice cream and go visit the Big Duck, but with only one car for everyone, our options were limited. Cutting my toe in the ocean meant having to go to the clinic to get a tetanus shot, and gave us a perfect chance. He had a chocolate cone, I went with the Peconic Swamp Thing.

snow flake snowflake home made homemade ice cream riverhead ny

It’s strange for me to realize that this ice cream stand has been here since 1953, seeing as I can never remember noticing it once in my childhood and knowing I must have driven past here hundreds of times. In 1988, the Kunitz family sold Snowflake to reformed stockbrokers the Feldschuh’s who have kept the recipes and much of the decor the same as it has always been.

Anyone slipping out the south exit of the Tanger Outlet Mall and heading east will struggle to miss this place, and once you see it, know that it is worth stopping beneath the gaudy green and blue awning. What’s great about this locale is that in addition to the pink benches that mark the perimeter of the building, there is also a gazebo tucked behind that helps shade your cone and keep it from melting away before you have a chance to eat it all.

Picking flavors here wasn’t too much of a challenge, as I’d been here before but neglected to write it up. As we walked in the door, I pointed to where it read Pistachio Cherry on the board (I had this before and it’s as good as it sounds) and motioned to my dad who ordered that before I spoke words. Tommy’s got a good thing going with just eating chocolate cones (see the Illinois reviews), and my mom went with Dutch Chocolate. When an ice cream joint uses regional nomenclature, I’m a sucker for trying those specialties, so Peconic Swamp Thing it was.

My cone was fantastically overloaded with flavor. The base seemed closer to the Dutch rather than the regular chocolate. It was then stuffed with fresh brownie pieces that had that great chewy consistency while meeting the ice cream in a rich fudgy swirl. Somewhere in this mix is a bold raspberry flavor (it’s tough to tell whether they are on their own or part of the brownies) that takes the whole thing over the top and makes this an exceptional ice cream cone.

After finishing our cones in shade of the gazebo, we drove off toward the Big Duck. There aren’t many landmarks in the East that are anything like this, so if you’ve made it this far out on Long Island, it’s worth driving a few more miles into Flanders to see this cement artifact (even if the inside is now just a gift shop, not a place to get eggs).

Cone – small $2.99 large $4.14

Sundae $5.98

Shake – thick $4.60 monster $6.21

Snowflake Ice Cream Shoppe

1148 West Main Street, Riverhead, NY 11901

631 727-4394

Open year round

Sunday-Thursday 10a-9p, Friday-Saturday 10a-10p




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