Mt. Desert Island – Portland ME

5 07 2010

The problem with holiday weekends is that everyone goes out of town. After recovering from a softball-induced near-heat stroke on Saturday, I couldn’t find anything going on for the 4th. With everyone gone, I hopped in the car and headed to Maine when alerted of a party. The next day I found new ice cream downtown and got a cone with Girls Scouts Gone Wild and The Dude.

Mt. Desert Island is the island that Bar Harbor is on. It’s where this ice cream is made, as there are two different stores that have been there for a few years. With storefronts in Portland in regular flux, it seems as though there was an opening for another “gourmet small batch ice cream shop.”

This spot opened in June and has quickly made an impression on anyone who has stepped inside. While the clean lines and bright colors are inviting, the only thing missing is chairs. Exhange St.’s brick lined sidewalks are a little too warm in July to take an already soft cone to the streets.

The first thing that you notice here are the flavor options. Exotic and gourmet flavors are abound. Hot Chili Chocolate? Candy Shoppe? Jack Daniels? Yes, yes, yes. I tasted them all. The Hot was good (though I prefer cayenne to give that hotness rather than chili or jalapeno). When it came to decide though, I was swayed by Girl Scouts Gone Wild and The Dude so I had both.

The Dude is a white Russian ice cream (see ‘The Big Lebowski’ if you don’t get it), and GSGW is a chocolate ice cream with nearly an entire sleeve of thin mints poured into it as well. The hot temperatures meant soft ice cream, but the texture was different than most (reminiscent of Boston Ice Cream Factory) and the flavors were astounding. Rich and strong and just fantastic stuff.

This wasn’t actually the first destination that we’d pointed to, but the other new ice cream joint in Portland wasn’t open on this date. For those looking for ice cream on the Munjoy Hill side of town, there’s also a new site called Harbor Scoops that offers up Smiling Hill Farm ice cream.

Cone – single $3.75 double $4.25 triple $4.75 quad $5.25

Sundae $5.25

Milkshake $4.75 extra-thick $5.25

Mt. Desert Island

51 Exchange St, Portland, ME 04101

207 210 3432

Open year round / seasonally

Hours #a-#p




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