Spring Sneaks In – Rota Spring Farm is Open for 2010

7 03 2010

Last November while mourning the seasonal closing of Rota Spring Farm, the favorite ice cream place of this blog, we did enough recon to determine that March 13 was the scheduled opening date for 2010. However, with temperatures pushing 60 across the state, thins were accelerated, and an email from my dad proved that Rota had opened things up at 11:30a on March 6.

While small snow piles dotted the perimeter of the lot, and most of the picnic tables were still stacked alongside the building, the line at the front of the store was a welcome sight. It’s been a long winter here and scoops trump any groundhog portents. I know it seems a bit backwards, but ice cream has a knack for thawing the coldest hearts.

It was even great when a second window was opened while I was waiting. That sort of demand is inspiring this early in the season. The other great sign is that after a year of trying to replace their Indian Pudding ice cream with a ginger snap variation and leaving the Indian Pudding to autumn, their finest flavor has been returned to the regular menu options.

The other new flavor is what I split my cone with – Pecan Crunch. It’s a simple vanilla ice cream with pralines and caramel and cookie pieces  that almost takes on a custardy taste with all of the competing sweet flavors. With a 2 scoop cone that’s cheaper than most kiddie cones, I put this as the top scoop and then left the Indian Pudding to linger.

This early in the season, all of the ice cream is startlingly fresh and makes me remember that these next few weekends are going to bring a lot of dormant ice cream stands to life. While it would be even more fun if I were on my way to SXSW in Austin and looking for ice cream all of the way there and back, a Rota Spring Farm cone is better than about 85% of the bands that make Texas their spring break destination.

While sitting on a picnic bench savoring the flavors, I got a big laugh from the horde of pre-teen boys that came rushing by me before they even got their cones. While they were excited by the prospect of ice cream, what really got them worked up was the ability to play chicken with the electric fence that marks the bounds of the cow pasture. It didn’t take long for someone to determine that the fence was off and attentions to divert to the real reason we were all here.

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Cone – kiddie $2.43 small $3.10 large $4.05

Sundae – 1scoop $3.81 2scoop $4.52 3scoop $5.24

Frappe $4.05 extra thick $4.52

Rota Spring Farm

117 Chace Hill Road, Sterling MA 01564


Open from March to mid-November

Open daily from 11:30a-9:30p





One response

21 03 2010

the ice cream here is fanastic. all sorts of flavors you even get to see the animals its spectacular! i love it here… especially going for breakfast which is a little bit up the street from the ice cream place. the rota spring farm is the best i wouldn’t go any where else!

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