Buck’s Turns 20!

16 10 2009

Most of the ice cream that we focus on is from New England since that is our primary base of operations, but for my extended collegiate tenure, I was in Columbia, Missouri. As a freshman at Mizzou, I lived in a dorm that had one of the most amazing amenities in the cafeteria. We had a freezer full of ice cream from the on campus ice cream shop, Buck’s Ice Cream. This past Friday they celebrated the 20th anniversary of their resurrection.


Buck’s is actually a part of the Agriculture School and there are real courses in ice cream science for those who want to learn. Professor Wendell Sherwood Arbuckle published a dissertation in 1940 that marked the start of ice cream research and an endowment that he left the university helped shift the focus of dairy research to ice cream. Buck’s is named for him, and that little shoppe tucked in the corner of campus was always one of the real highlights.

For a great photo/audio essay on the anniversary check this out: http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2009/10/16/bucks-ice-cream-celebrates-20th-anniversary/




One response

2 02 2010
Mike Diehl

Foote’s Ice Cream *has* been there forever. I worked there from 1982-1984, summers. But I remember stopping there for ice cream in the early 1970s. The signs looked the same even then.

When I worked there, the hours were whenever until about 1 AM the following day on weekends and 11 pm on weeknights, during the tourist season. The two halves of the place are integrated, duty wise, but they operate registers because it keeps people out of each others’ way on the inside and shortens the lines on the outside.

It used to belong to Charles Foote — a real stand up guy — he died in 1985 as I recall. Now it belongs to his cousin Ed Foote. Charles was good to the workers, paying above min wage if you weren’t clueless and a bonus at the end of each summer. He’d hire college boys and locals, and start arguments with all of us, just in good humour. His mother, Ida Foote, was a real nice ole lady who once taught elementary school as far as I can tell. Anyhow, I couldn’t begin to tell you enought nice things about Charles and Ida. They were Good People.

Funny thing about orange pineapple. A fellow once asked me to invent the strangest frappe (which is what we call a milkshake there) I could imagine, so I made him an orange pineapple and bubblegum ice cream frappe.

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