Harvard Square Herrell’s Closing

18 09 2009

Word spread like wildfire when Jeffrey Stanett announced that he was closing down Herrell’s in Harvard Square by November. A number of factors played into the decision, and the recent addition of a JP Licks closer to the Harvard campus didn’t help at all. Stanett plans to retain the location and put a new restaurant in place by the Spring.


The decision to close down this store comes on the heels of the announcement by Allston Cafe this past summer that they were leaving the Herrell’s family and going independent and being supplied by Coop’s Microcreamery. Herrell’s has been trying to establish its franchise potential after opening a store on Long Island last year, but the measures taken have alienated their Boston base in trying to switch from handshake agreements to contractual obligations and ice cream royalties.

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Letter from Toscanini’s Gus Rancatore




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