Crescent Ridge – Sharon MA

2 09 2009

My good friend Noam grew up in Sharon, so every time I talked to him about this blog, he’d remind me that I needed to visit Crescent Ridge. On my way back from Fall River, I realized a side trip could be made without venturing too far out of the way. Cutting across Stoughton got me close and two guys in a parking lot pointed me to a Butter Pecan cone.

crescent ridge dairy bar ice cream sharon mass ma

Crescent Ridge is known by most people as a dairy, not  an ice cream stand. If you live anywhere even remotely close, they are one of the few remaining places that will deliver milk in glass bottles to your door. My experiences with them had been finding their milk in various markets around the area, but knowing that they made their own milk had always left me excited at the prospect of their ice cream.

Since opening in 1932, the dairy has remained in the Parrish family. They recently opened another dairy bar in Holbrook as well, but this location is on the farm with the cows roaming the grasses behind the parking lot. They’ve got 31 flavors of ice cream and five frozen yogurt options available at all times at any point during the year. It was nice when I got close and merely asking people from the window of my car brought a smile to everyone’s face. I’d like to think they took their families out for a cone that night.

While the farm is on Bay Rd, the driveway access to the dairy bar is actually around the corner on East St. From there you can walk to the stand and order a cone and then come around to the back of the buildings where there are tables that edge the fence. There’s even an old tractor that was being occupied by kids waiting for their parents to finish up. A door on the left side of the bar opens to a store that is filled with milk, butter, and fresh packed pints and half-gallons.

A sample of the butter pecan made tasting anything else irrelevant. This ice cream tasted like it had just been frozen, with the pecans as fresh and crisp as any nut I’ve ever had held in a frozen solution. The cream was lighter and smoother than many farm fresh ice creams, it was almost as though it was made with their milks rather than with any heavy cream. Having a refreshing butter pecan whose scent lingers in my moustache but doesn’t stay heavy in my belly, is a genuine treat.

butter pecan crescent ridge dairy bar ice cream sharon mass ma

The only thing missing here was getting to go with Noam, but he lives out in Western Mass, so meeting up here is a bit of a challenge. Maybe we’ll plot sometime to come here and experience it together. I called him when I finished the cone and he was happy to learn that the quality of this ice cream was more than just youthful nostalgia. The best part is this is open all year round so we can make plans for some time in the middle of the winter if we want. I know I’ll be back.

Cone – mini-kiddie $3.75 small $4.25 large $4.75

Sundae – mini-kiddie $4.25 large $6.25

Frappe $5 extra thick $5.50

Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar

355 Bay Rd, Sharon, MA 02067-1399

781 784-2740

Open year round

Daily 11a-10p




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