Return Engagement: Cedar Hill Dairy Joy – Weston MA

31 08 2009

Of all the locations that I’ve been to over the course of this blog, it’s this review that is the most visited. Sure, it’s in large part because they don’t have a website of their own (though they are on Facebook if you check the link at the bottom), but they also make soft-serve the right way. Today, I had a Creamsicle cone.

cedar hil dairy joy weston mass ma ice cream soft serve sherbet

The ice cream stand was built in 1927 by farmer Charles Cahill, who owned a 250 acre dairy farm with over 100 head of cattle. He closed down around 1940, and in 1949 there was a fire that destroyed most of the abandoned buildings on the farm. After that two area high school teachers bought the dairy bar while the rest of the land became the King’s Grant neighborhood. In the early 1960s, the Maxwell family took over and brought fried foods to the stand, most notably the revered fried clams. Cedar Hill Dairy Joy is still in the family.

Unless you show up at the odd late afternoon hours that I stopped by today, odds are good that you’re going to be standing in line because this place is usually a glowing mecca until they close the windows. The grill here is as busy as the freezers with burgers being flipped and hot dog buns being warmed for lobster rolls. The food is good, but the best part of it is the near mandatory indulgence that follows.

On either side of the stand there is a bank of picnic tables, with the right side offering a bit of protection in cases of inclement weather. Around that is a parking lot that is often home to some creative parking spots since there aren’t any lines on the pavement. Ringing the parking lot are a few more picnic tables placed on a small grassy halo. As long as you like eating outside, your options are well covered.

I don’t know when I’ve stopped here and not got the Javaberry. The coffee and black raspberry swirl is a combination that fits ideally together. With a vanilla and chocolate swirl also an option, i picked the third choice, the creamsicle. A swirl of vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet, these two flavors are put into a nice balance side by side in a cone (no sugar cones available). While neither flavor is very bold in this mix, sometimes this combination works better like this when there is a bit of compromise at work instead of having the tart citrus and the creamy vanilla in a full war.

creamsicle cedar hil dairy joy weston mass ma ice cream soft serve sherbet

Thankfully, this wasn’t too far out of the way, heck it’s on the main path I take whenever I drive west. A weekend without a cone left me in a severe state of withdrawl. Hopefully my car will emerge safe and ready to venture across New England in search of more marvelous cones soon.

First Visit:

Cone – small $2.80 medium $3.75 large $5.37

Sundae – pixie $3.65 small $4.76 large $5.71

Frappe $4.62 extra thick $5.24 (add malt +$.50)

Cedar Hill Dairy Joy

331 North Ave, 117, Weston, MA 02493

(781) 894-7144

Open seasonally

Hours 11a-9p

Dairy Joy online




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