Prospect Cafe – Waltham MA

28 08 2009

There’s nothing as miserable as a Check Engine light coming on in your car. The only thing worse is when you find out that the reason is far more complex than merely the need to replace a gas cap. After a stop at AutoZone for a free diagnostic, I figured an oil change might clarify things even more. While my car was being prodded by mechanics, I walked across the street for a Skor frozen yogurt.

prospect cafe ice cream pizzeria waltham mass ma frozen yogurt

This area of Waltham is full of mechanics and body shops and just about every destination for post-industrial repair. What you’re not expecting to find here is anyplace beyond a corner store for food. Prospect Cafe isn’t much more than a local pizza joint when you walk in the main door, but when you peek on the other side a menu board full of flavor options for frozen yogurt presents itself.

If you look at the awning outside, it does indeed say ice cream, but inside there is none of that, just yogurt. The cafe has a full menu of sandwich options and caters to nearby Bentley students with pastas, pizzas, calzones, wraps, and salads as well. The full array of organic salads on their gourmet menu is a good sign that despite what things look like outside, this is a very suburban locale.

Prospect Cafe underwent ownership changes in the past few years and alientated some of their clientele and found a new audience all at the same time. Inside a bunch of simple tables and chairs are overpacked into the two small areas in front of the counter. When I went in, there was no one else around and I sat at the table in front of the television where the idle employees were watching Spike.

After a sandwich, I ordered a Butterscotch cone. I was firstly vetoed in the fact that they didn’t have any cones. The second change was my own as I watched the guy grab a handful of butterscotch hard candies and made a quick switch to toffee. He cracked the bar and dropped it into an extruder which pushed out a freshly mixed concoction. The yogurt had none of the tang that many more recent fro-yo spots promote, instead it seemed like a simple soft serve. Despite my love of dairy, I’m not a fan of real yogurts, so this did me just right.

skor frozen yogurt prospect cafe ice cream pizzeria waltham mass ma

Returning to my car, it seemed as though a few different mechanics we in agreement that the problem was going to be a $900+ fix. As much as I want a healthy vehicle, I decided to ask around and I found a guy who only works on Beetles who told me that the issue is usually a smaller part that isn’t quite so dire to my wallet. I’ve got an appointment Tuesday morning to find out, but it may curtail my driving all around tarnation this weekend for the last scoops of Summer. It’s supposed to rain torrentially anyway.

Cup plain $3.50 additional flavor +$.75

Sundae $4.75

Yogurt Milkshake $3.86

Prospect Cafe & Pizzeria

137 Prospect St, Waltham MA 02452

781 736-7979

Open year round

Daily 11a-11p




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