Peaceful Meadows – Whitman MA

24 08 2009

Last Summer, Sam and I took an ice cream tour up to Hampton Beach and found places on the way there and the way back. So far this Summer, the only trek we’d really made was down to Hyde Park, so we were way overdue when we realized we both had the day off. We set off toward the South Shore and started here with a Dutch Chocolate Almond cone for me and a Coconut Chocolate Almond for him.

peaceful meadows ice cream whitman mass ma

Sam had been to this place a long while ago and sent me a text message full of exclamation points for both the flavors and the girls working the counter. While the teenage girls don’t do the same things for me as him, I knew that his taste buds were in the right place, so this was our first target. Driving down Rt. 18 it was quite a sight when the barn’s silo rose from amidst a sea of strip malls.

Peaceful Meadows has been a farm since 1920 and opened their ice cream stand in 1962. It’s a fabulous throwback to see a farm in the middle of a modern commercial district. With an expanse of fields, roaming cows, and an adjacent dairy store that even offered egg nog in August, this really is a peaceful alternative to the hustle and bustle that surrounds it.

The ice cream is made here at the Whitman location. There are also stands in both Middleboro and Plymouth that scoop out Peaceful Meadows signature flavors. Walking behind the stand you can peek into the milking barn – though the only thing inside was a single calf – and over to the feeding area adjacent to the fields. The cows had already made their way through the hay and seemed to be mooing to get up to the barn for another milking as we worked through our cones.

A sample of the Dutch chocolate almond convinced me quickly and I went with a whole cone of that since they had no special seasonal flavors on display. The chocolate was divinely smooth and packed full with almond pieces of all sizes. The chocolate was milky and rich without leaning too dark. There’s something about seeing the cows around that increases the flavor. Maybe it’s just a contrast to the wafting manure smells that are redolent of my grandpa’s old farm, but I think there really is something special when your dairy supply is that localised.

dutch chocolate almond ice cream peaceful meadows whitman ma

At this point I was satified and almost ready to call it a day. How could other spots compete? But we’d done some advance researching and had good ideas where we ought to aim so we kept on, figuring the least we could do was head toward the ocean and dip our toes in.

Cone – small $2.75 large $4

Sundae – small $4.20 large $7.15

Frappe $3.70 x-thick $5.10

Peaceful Meadows

60 Bedford St, Whitman, MA 02382-1816

781 447-3889

Open year round

Daily 10a-10p




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