Farfar’s – Duxbury MA

24 08 2009

There is an autographed photo of Joe Perry on the wall above the cash register. That’s a true sign that we’re in Duxbury, though this coastal country village doesn’t really seem like the place of local rock icons. With patriotic bunting hanging from the awning, we had no idea what to expect when we turned the corner and I got a Peach cone and Sam a Grapenut one.

Farfar's Danish Ice Cream Shop duxbury mass ma

With Sam’s mom serving as our dispatcher, we’d intended to honor her efforts by stopping at her namesake ice cream place, Jan’s in Marshfield, but it’s gone. When Farfar’s appeared in front of us, I knew that we’d found a suitable replacement. This place has a storied history but I was expecting a stand rather than the colonial cape style building that housed it.

As far as that storied history goes, it’s mostly a matter of myths and legends and people remembering it from when they were kids, so it’s tough to get any accurate determination on just how old this place is. It’s so unassuming as you step up on the wooded porch, but as soon as you turn the corner and see the barriers set up to direct pedestrian traffic through, you know full well that this is an institution (plus what place could charge $8+ for a sundae if it wasn’t).

In back is a full porch with a faded wood finish and a combination of tables and benches and chairs to accommodate any group of people you may have brought along. There’s even a section of tiny plastic chairs for preschoolers imagining they are out on a bona fide ice cream date. The only flaw back here was the positioning of the water fountain. I guessed wrong and had the stream of water shoot straight at the front of my pants rather than into my mouth.

After a couple of chocolate-based cones, the appearance of peach on the seasonal special menu jumped out. The lines here also quelled our impulse for samples, but that just made it even more of a treat when I had my first bite. I’m not sure what distinguishes this as a “Danish” ice cream, but the rich and creamy texture didn’t even yield with the presence of the fruit where ice crystals are most likely to appear. It was a heavenly treat that was so dense and well packed that it may be the best looking cone that I’ve had all summer. That the flavor matched its appearance was all the better.

peach ice cream farfar's dutch duxbury mass ma

After this flurry of dairy, we both were in need of real food and some beach time, so we drove along the coast until we found a beach we could access for free ($15 parking for Duxbury Beach sounded terrible to both of us). We wound up in Brant Rock, a coastal area in Marshfield where we found a rock and roll diner called the Rock Lobster with sandwiches named for classic rock songs. Sam got the Aqualung, but I was more in the mood for fries and chose a simple cheeseburger basket instead. From here we walked to the beach and played a game of catch where we heaved the ball into the stratosphere until our efforts summoned a rainstorm. That was a good sign it was time to go home.

Cone – regular $3.25 large $4.90

Sundae – small $4.75 medium $6 large $8.10

Frappe $4.15

Farfar’s Danish Ice Cream Shop

272 Saint George St, Duxbury, MA 02332-3811

781 934-5152

Open year round

Hours ?a-?p

Farfar’s online




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5 06 2010
Roll Up Awnings

I Iove your blog, ‘coz I love ice cream :p

29 05 2012

it is not open year round….

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