Dairy Twist – Pembroke MA

24 08 2009

With our intention being to make out way to the beach, Sam and I were sidetracked by a pink roadster that was emblazoned with fiery green ice cream cones. Not the sort of sight that you expect to see anywhere, but it served as an alert to the ice cream place tucked back from the road into the trees. I got a Bear Claw cone, and Sam had a Caramel Cashew Crunch.

dairy twist pembroke mass ma

Despite the vintage of the vehicle that drew our attention, the font on the sign above the ice cream stand is a better way to gauge the age of Dairy Twist. According to the old folks who were eating cones next to us, this place was opened sometime in the 1990s, and is on its second set of owners. The only other ice cream place they  claimed to ever go to was Peaceful Meadows, but even that seemed as though it was a rarity.

There were kids playing in the adjacent wooded lot, but most people were sitting in the shade that was provided by the seating area. That area only had benches and no tables, but it’s not as though anyone actually tries to balance a cone on a table so that isn’t much of a big deal either way. The only thing that people seem to complain about here is the parking, but there is a access road that runs along Rt. 53 that gives people a place to pull off along the side.

The lines here seemed to grow quickly around us, and while this is no Kimball’s in regards to the crowds, the three windows here never slowed down in the middle of the afternoon. That busyness put a damper on my sampling tendencies, so I didn’t even wind up getting a look at the ice cream pizza that Sam was trying to get me to have. The most we did was ask our scooper what exactly Muddy Sneakers was (a white chocolate with loads of stuff in it).

I had focused on my primary target and tried out the bear claw. I’m not sure why it has that name, as it has no elements of almonds or pastry as you would expect in a breakfast of the same name. What it did have was a remarkably dense and creamy chocolate ice cream loaded up with chocolate chunks, an extremely thick caramel swirl, and fresh pecans. Maybe black bear claw would have been a better name, but it really didn’t matter what they called it, it was still great. Sam was a bit disappointed with his cone as we were expecting a caramel ice cream base rather than vanilla with just a swirl (they had a Black & Tan special that did start with caramel). When he slipped and lost the bottom scoop to the gravel, it just meant it was time to move on, not complain and try to bargain for more of a cone.

bear claw ice cream dairy twist pembroke mass ma

The best story overheard here was a sighting of Aerosmith eating and taking off on motorcycles. I think every story on the South Shore involves Aerosmith. It is particularly tough to imagine most of them being able to still sit astride a hog, when these days they can’t even stay on stage at a motorcycle rally.

Cone – kiddie $2.60 small $3.35 large $3.95

Sundae – small $4.05 large $4.55

Malted Milk Shake $4.25

Dairy Twist

580 Washington St, Pembroke, MA 02359-2314

781 826-5955

Open April-Halloween

Daily noon-9p

Dairy Twist online




5 responses

25 03 2011

when does it open i neeed dairy twist!!!!!!!!

12 04 2011
Bob Smith

I <33333333 DAIRY TWIST!!!!!!!!!!

9 05 2011

do you know what age dairy twist hires ? just wondering ! thanks

23 09 2011

I love this place!!!
There Soft Serve Ice Cream is 5 STAR!!!!!

23 03 2012
Ice Cream

I love that the sign shows it’s age. They just replaced it 🙂

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