Bread & Lily – Newton Highlands MA

19 08 2009

I rolled over this morning and checked my email, and Andy was looking to go out to do brunch since painters started on his house early in the morning. We ended up making an adventure of the day (spending as much time in air-conditioned environs as possible), and this spot in Newton Highlands offered up a pretty fine Ginger ice cream cone.

Bread & and Lily Newton Highlands Ice Cream Mass Ma

Bread and Lily is a new restaurant run by two brothers, Arron and Ben Cutler, that had its Grand Opening on June 16 after a soft opening in April. The cafe focuses on sandwiches and salads, has a few fine entrees, and a case of fresh pastries and baked goods all made on site. It’s just a block from the Newton Highlands stop on the Green Line for those intimidated by thoughts of leaving the city.

While recent residents may recognize this location most recently as having been the home of Ice Cream Works, which married the concepts of French pastries and  fresh ice cream. However, the history of this site is even more steeped in local ice cream lore as this was the location of The Little Shop – the first Brigham’s store back in 1924. Now it’s just a nice storefront with a great brick patio expanse in a posh suburban area.

Inside most everyone else was interested in lunch. Andy had a pulled pork sandwich with fresh potato chips alongside that looked delectable (all I had was one chip near the end). After I finished my cone, I got a black currant lemonade that may have been my best beverage of the Summer had I not had a bunch of Hawaiian ice at the Bolton Fair last weekend. The ice cream was the highlight of it all, despite a mere eight options plus two of each frozen yogurt and Italian ice.

I had a taste of the ginger and was floored, but also sampled the Caramel Chocolate Swirl. The swirl was a bit icy, so it made my choice simple when I opted for a whole cone of the ginger. The ice cream was a clean rich sweet cream that was overloaded with the sharp fresh flavor of ginger. In fact there were small particles of ginger peppered through the mix – nothing big enough to chew, but instead like blasts of  flavor. It’s particularly nice, when a small shoppe like this puts effort into all of the little things. It’s even better when the results are this great.

Ginger Bread & and Lily Newton Highlands Ice Cream Mass Ma

After a nice brunch at Pie, Andy and I found a bunch of other stuff in the Newton area. We ventured as far as You Do It Electronics in Needham (I almost bought a CB mic and a bunch of piezos, but realized I should work out what I needed first), and also made stops at Baza the Russian market (they were out of the bear sausage again!) and the New England Mobile Book Fair (where I did get Jarry’s Visits of Love).

Cone – small $2.95 medium $3.95 large $4.95

Bread & Lily

2 Hartford Street, Newton Highlands, MA 02461

617 969-1234

Open year round

Monday-Friday 8a-7:30p, Saturday 8a-5:30p, Sunday 8a-2p




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