Freeze – Waban MA

17 08 2009

The way the lights played on the red awning above the door to Freeze when I finally located it after winding my way through Waban, it seemed as though I wasn’t going to get anything cold here. The kids seated in front smiling as they took their last bites of ice cream confirmed there would be frozen treats inside, and I found myself a Red Raspberry Chip cone.

freeze at waban square newton mass ma ice cream

Freeze @ Waban Square is how this place is officially titled, having applied for a new business license in Newton this Spring. They opened up a couple months ago and finally showed up on my radar when a few people posted brief but ecstatic reviews on Google. The ice cream parlor is tucked into a corner next to Village Bank in Waban Square directly across from the Waban stop on the Green Line’s D Train.

Owner Cheryl Pruett had the desire to open an ice cream shoppe in this area, and when the space opened up, she already knew the ice cream that was going to be served here. Her cousins run Trombetta’s Farm in Marlboro, and were more than happy to find another outlet for their ice cream. There’s also Italian ice here, but it comes from the Pennsylvania-based Via Veneto.

With an inviting color scheme and open space, this shoppe is a comfortable place to sit and eat ice cream with friends and family. You almost expect the shelves to be full of toys and a group of teenagers to be squabbling over a Scrabble game in the corner. However, this is a business, and a thriving new one on this hot August night. For those that aren’t familiar with Waban, it’s actually part of Newton, heck it’s actually a subset of Newtonville, and had it not been for a stolen street sign, it would have been pretty simple to find.

The kids out front recommended the Cookie Dough, and I also sampled the Blueberry. The cookie dough actually had flavor in the dough, and the blueberry was rich and real (but too soft after an excruciatingly hot day), but I decided that the red raspberry chip was a good compromise between those options.  The fruit flavor was spectacular with the fresh raspberry seemingly picked right from the vine, and the chips of chocolate provided a wonderful counterbalance. The idea of a new ice cream shop in the metro Boston area bringing farm fresh ice cream to local palates is just what this Summer needed.

red reaspberry chip freeze at waban square newton mass ma ice cream

Since this is a new shoppe, there are still questions that will persist, but it’s the sort of place that I’m very excited to see, as opposed to shoppes that just plug in and provide the same flavor and brand options as their neighbors. Freeze is the sort of place that makes ice cream fun, and it might be twice as good when everything isn’t already clearing the 90 degree mark. (Winter plans are up in the air as far as exactly when the store will remain open, with thoughts to close in December and January, though Trombetta’s does make their ice cream year round, so who knows).

Cone – 1 scoop $3.45 2 scoops $4.35 3 scoops $5.25

Sundae $5.75 super $6.50

Frappe $5.25 extra thick $5.95 malted $5.95

Freeze @ Waban Square

87 Wyman St, Waban, MA 02468-1516

617 340-6365‎

Open Spring-December

Daily 11a-10p




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18 08 2010

Can’t wait to try it. I take issue with your “subset of Newtonville” comment. Ridiculous.

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