Dr Davis – Pepperell MA

10 08 2009

Despite my lack of symptoms of anything remotely concussory, many folks seem to think I should have gone to the doctor’s after my softball beaning on Saturday. With a wide open Monday in front of me, I figured maybe today wasn’t a day for an apple, so I pointed north and found my way to a French Vanilla Chip cone.

dr doc davis ice cream pepperell mass ma

“Doc” Davis was Pepperell’s finest veterinarian during the Great Depression. The animals he tended to were mostly livestock, and he even owned some cows of his own. Located in the center of town, he projected movies on the side of his house, and every Saturday he hosted concerts by the Littleton Farmer’s Swing Band. On these occasions he served folks ice cream he made from the milk of his cows. In 1938, he opened up this shoppe.

Over the past 70 years it has remained locally owned, and has kept their homemade ethos throughout that time. Rosemary Graves, the current owner, started working here in 1954 as a high school student, and bought Dr Davis in 1978. What remains today seems mostly untouched from those days. This is an ice cream parlor that really helps provide identity to a small town, something that has always been here and likely always will.

The ice cream stand has an interesting layout. You have to walk inside to place your order, where there is a series of windows in a protected environment, and a freezer case for take-home goodies. Inside may be the place to stand if the weather is poor, but outside there are a couple of banks of blue metal picnic tables. Just to the right of the building is a gigantic umbrella that covers a bunch of tables that includes a short legged table made just for kids, and in back there are four tables with their own small umbrellas.

With their own ice creams, I was intrigued by the different flavors available. I had a taste of the Marionberry (a blackberry hybrid, not based on the crack using DC mayor) and the  Cherry Ameretto. Both were nice, but I switched course and went with the french vanilla chip which was marked as being my server’s favorite (each of the employees had their personal favorites marked). It was a wonderfully dense vanilla that had a creamy and rich texture. The only flaw was that the flecks of chocolate chips that had crumbled off the corners and put a bit of a grit into the middle of most bites. While this is out of the way, there’s a reason to make a trek just for a taste.

french vanilla chip ice cream dr davis pepperell mass doc ma

While most places like this are well-established but generally satiated, Dr Davis has recently expanded, opening a store in Brookline, New Hampshire. If neither of those are options for you, Dr Davis can bring it’s ice cream to your parties or functions and even will supply a server if that’s what you need. While I may have done this on a Monday, this ice cream is the sort that’s worth a Sunday drive. Gas up the tank, it’s time for a scoop.

Cone – 1scoop $2.90 medium $3.55 large $4.50 triple $5.15

Sundae – small $4.55 large $5

Frappe – small $3 medium $4 large $5

Dr Davis Ice Cream

67 Hollis Street, Pepperell, MA 01463

978 433-6315

Open April – Halloween

Daily 11a-10p





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