Golden Spoon – Hopkinton MA

25 07 2009

Since I drove back to my parents’ house after the rehearsal dinner, I had a western approach to the wedding today. Thankfully what that meant was that I drove past other ice cream shoppes, and not that my landmarks were totally changed. The barn that marked the wedding site could have been ashes. Instead I just found a Grapenut cone.

golden spoon ice cream hopkinton ma

The auxiliary ice cream window is a strange phenomenon. The Golden Spoon is a diner that opens before six in the morning and closes after lunch. For some reason, they changed the way things operate and there is a window that remains open until nine at night. While it explicitly declares that it is for ice cream, that window also serves up a full complement of burgers and sandwiches and more options than you find most anywhere without seats.

If you are looking to eat your cone and sit down though, that is a challenge. There are two picnic tables wedged into spots near the restaurant itself, but most of the lot is a cast expanse of pavement. The heat radiating from the asphalt made it seem as though I might melt before my cone did, but some trees along the perimeter provided enough shade to stop both processes.

This place is located just off 495, and if you continue east from here, it is not very far to the starting line for the Boston Marathon. I’d figure that this place opens to serve scoops the weekend before that happens, as it is the biggest attraction of people to this town every year, and I can’t imagine the owners wouldn’t want to take full advantage of that.

The menu is limited to fourteen flavors and one more that rotates. That variable choice was Grapenut, so that’s the one I went with today. The ice cream was rich and dense and the cereal hadn’t turned to mush the way these are apt to over time. It was a nice cone, but I was baffled by the way that it was melting over my fingers and yet the core of the cone was nearly subarctic. The cookie of the cone itself however was truly terrible, and I was a bit surprised when I found the Keebler copyright on the paper wrapper. It’s a rare time that I don’t eat the cone after the ice cream is gone, but this is a time I was thankful for nearby woods – that’s where I tossed it.

grapenut ice cream golden spoon hopkinton ma

There was no ice cream at Ramsey and Amber’s wedding, so I didn’t ruin my appetite despite my efforts. The lamb chops that came around on an appetizer tray could be the only other thing I eat than ice cream if I found a recipe for them. I ate more than my share of strawberry shortcake, drank amply, and played some great ping-pong with a girl that was back to Atlanta too soon. It’s great to gather with friends and celebrate. We need to find more excuses to get together. I’ll meet you soon for a cone.

Cone – kiddie $2.75 small $3.50 large $4.25

Sundae –kiddie $4.25 small $4.75 large $5.25

Frappe $4.50 malt $5

Golden Spoon

85 W Main St, Hopkinton, MA 01748

508 435-6922

Open April-October

Daily 11a-9p

Golden Spoon online




3 responses

29 07 2009
Hopkinton MA Real Estate

The Golden Spoon is a great place to have breakfast. Actually it is the only place in Hopkinton. I head there on many mornings during the week.

11 05 2011

Are you hiring?

24 08 2012

Thankfully, there is another place nearby called Tasty Treat. They got about 25 to 30 flavors there, and they got subs and sandwich, as well as seafood.

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