Nick’s – Ashland MA

24 07 2009

Despite looking at a map for directions to Ramsey’s rehearsal dinner and looking at another for possible ice cream shops in the area, I didn’t overlay the two maps. When I drove by Nick’s, I thought I was off course. It wound up that I was right where I should be, so I stepped to the window for a Peppermint cone.

nick's ice cream ashland mass

From the looks of things, Nick’s would seem like the sort of ice cream joint that is only open from whenever things warm up until the week after Labor Day. But  while this place may make good homemade ice cream, they have a full menu of diner food and fried fish, and indoor seating that helps it stay open most of the year. The girl that served me my cone even claimed that they were only closed in December.

With Sundays set aside for classic car shows and Tuesdays given to Karaoke, Nick’s is a solid part of this neighborhood beyond merely providing frozen treats. There’s a long handicapped ramp that allows anyone to make it up to the windows, and a full seating section of picnic tables strewn on the lawn in front. Inside are a few tables and a glassless window that is likely the only one that opens when the temperatures dip.

Despite the fact there was no line, I got stuck behind two guys who seemed to have mastered the art of ordering from a turtle, and stunningly there was only one person working those windows during the six o’clock hour on a Friday night. Given the way things smelled, I figured the entire town might have turned out for a fried clam feast.

Since I was motoring, I didn’t go for any samples. With only fifteen flavors on their menu, there weren’t really any surprises (and no special flavors), so I went with peppermint. There weren’t chunks of peppermint stick in the mix, but there was a swirl of that pink peppermint that had bled through the cone. The flavor was robust, and after taming the overhang, this made for an easy cone to eat while driving, and I downed the last bite of the cone as I hopped out of the car and headed to dinner.

peppermint ice cream nick's nicks ashland mass

Just to quell any possible confusion, there are two different places named Nick’s in Ashland. The other one is a pizza joint, and if they have ice cream, it’s most likely sandwiches and popsicles in a small cooler. Just be sure that you specify Restaurant and Ice Cream rather than Pizza and Seafood if you are going Googling.

Cone – small $2.25 medium $2.85 large $3.25

Sundae – small $3.50 large $4.50

Frappe $3.95

Nick’s Restaurant & Ice Cream

71 Pond St, Ashland MA

508 820-8855

Open January-November

Daily 11a-10p

Nick’s online




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23 08 2009
billy jean

In my experience eating at Nick’s I found myself to be rather disgusted. When I received my tray of food i noticed old hard ketchup on my tray. The indoor area was rather filthy could not help but notice a few bugs flying around,and also some of their fallen comrades on the floor (which looked very dirty) and some in the lighting. The roll for my Burger seemed to be quite stale. The owner and staff were very pleasant though. But i don’t think i would ever eat there again.

7 04 2012
The Bostonian

I love the place.

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