Meletharb Ice Cream – Wakefield MA

20 07 2009

There’s nothing that will delay your plans for the day quite like a missing wallet. The only thing that compounds that peril is a missing telephone. It took me a few hours to locate them back at the bar I DJed at last night. After waiting for rush hour traffic to dissipate, I hit the road and found a Baklava cone.

meletharb homemade ice cream wakefield mass ma

Originally located in Wakefield Square, Meletharb’s has been around for more than twenty five years. The name is some mutated backwards variation of the founding family’s name. Now it’s unglamorously located in a strip mall that only exists because it is it at an intersection of two major roads. In any direction beyond here, things quickly become very residential.

The cluster of bicycles stacked just outside the front door may be the best portent of great ice cream. Sure kids are bound to chase the most decrepit truck if it is spewing the right jingle, but braving dusk and the wrath of parents is bound to be for a worthy cause. It’s similar to how I divine the correct restaurant to go to in Chinatown: if I am the only person remotely Occidental, then it is right.

The strip mall didn’t even offer an outdoor bench to watch the day disappear from. The only reason I didn’t just sit down at one of the small circular tables with wrought iron chairs was that my battery died on my camera. I walked out to my car and saved a few chunks from dropping to the ground as I pulled out my computer and opened Photo Booth so I had some image to share. After all of that hassle, I went back inside to eat the bulk of my cone. The pitchers of cold water were a nice touch at the end – as much because I needed to clean up rather than clear my palate.

When I looked at the menu board only one flavor jumped out at me – baklava. I had a sample and realized I didn’t need to taste another, I wanted a full cone of this. The ice cream itself had a very subtle honey flavor, without vanilla overtones, this was much more than a simple sweet cream, but the particulate was the real feature here. While there were some small pieces of the pistachio and flaky dough all through the cone, it was the big pieces that you had to stop and chew that really made this special, it was as nice as a good piece of baklava can be, and even I wouldn’t have guessed that it was a dessert that was translatable to ice cream.

baklava meletharb homemade ice cream wakefield mass ma

Parked where I was, I got a sandwich at Greg’s Roast Beef nearby. The North Shore has more roast beef joints than it does pizza parlors, but the thing that most shocks me is the looks I get when I want horseradish on my roast beef. Today the kid needed help finding it, but the final result was still really good.

Cone – kids $2.60 small $3.75 medium $5 large $6.25

Sundae – small $4.50 medium $5.50 large $6.50

Frappe – $5.75 extra thick $7

Meletharb Homemade Ice Cream

393 Lowell St, Wakefield, MA 01880-1962

781 245-4946

Open year round

Daily noon-10p




One response

27 05 2012

I just found out from my 82 year old father as we were studying a yellow-edged genealogy of his family that we are related to the man, Donald, who founded Meletharbs- play on the family name of Bartholomew! Small world as I lived in Wakefield from 1982-1985 and took my kids there when it opened, never knowing we were related! Fantastic ice cream as I remember!

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