The Ice Jack – Norwood MA

15 07 2009

Moving friends is one of those challenges that seems to happen more often when you’re as big as I am. For me the best part of packing up Marissa’s stuff was that we’d be in a new area after we dropped off the rental truck. A mere mile away I landed a Tiramisu cone and she had a cup of the Coconut.

the ice jack norwood ma ice cream parlor

This outside is just a facade, inside the door is a large lobby where the real doors to the stores are another twentyodd feet away. The glass front inside and the artwork that identifies it make it seem as though this parlor is an artifact of the 1990s. It’s tough determining a history for a place like this, especially when those scooping cones are rarely likely to have been born at the time it opened.

The glass walls contain a large seating area where there would be enough room to host a child’s birthday party. The selection available here is more targeted to adult ice cream eaters however. The limited selection seems to appeal to the downtown business sector in Norwood as there are no blue ice creams or cake batter or bells or other primary distractions to keep kids occupied. Instead they put the focus on making a few flavors and making them well.

When Marissa was checking in the truck, I used the Boch wi-fi to get directions that moved us over to Route 1A even more easily than I had plotted on my own. There was a parking spot right in front of Ice Jack that put us right in the heart of Norwood’s downtown. A parlor like this in the heart of the city is a New England necessity, though I wouldn’t have minded backtracking a bit to Crescent Ridge in Sharon had this not existed.

Marissa loved her coconut as it was infused with both flavor and actual bits of coconut. My tiramisu was a really divine flavor. While the dessert itself can often be so decadent that stomachs seem to swell after a few bites, this carried the subtle array of flavors into ice cream without those expansive qualities. The results were similar to a burnt sugar ice cream with hints of cocoa and coffee and cinnamon and other indefinable spices. The only negative was a minor slightly icy texture that seemed to come from one of the spices not mixing in full solution and freezing on its own.

tiramisu ice cream ice jack norwood ma

We parked right in front of this place, but realized that we needed more food than ice cream. A guy was standing in front with a whole pizza when we got out of the car, so I asked him where was the right place to get a slice. He directed us to Giorgio’s, which sated our hunger before we headed back here for our real reason to be heading this way.

Cone – child $2.29 small $2.99 large $3.99

Sundae – small $4.19 large $4.99

Frappe $3.99 extra thick $4.69

The Ice Jack

686 Washington St, Norwood, MA 02062-3546

781 255-7797

Open year round

Daily 11a-11p

The Ice Jack online




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