Great Brook Farm – Carlisle MA

12 07 2009

On your way here, it’s likely that you’ll think you’re lost at some point along the way. I pulled over to look at the map on my laptop. A magical open wifi connection called ‘COSMOS’ told me I was fine and still had five miles to go. Once I found parking and walked across the fields, I had a Pomegranate Chip cone.

great brook dairy farm ice cream carlisle ma

Just in case you were wondering, this place has no connection to the transcendentalist Utopian community Brook Farm. That place was founded in the 1840s in West Roxbury and now only has a few vestigial buildings still standing. This place was founded in the 1940s in Carlisle when Holsteins were first brought to this property.

Located on over a thousand acres, this is far more than an ice cream parlor. The indoor area where cones are distributed has an array of picnic tables and two windows that look right into the milking pens for the cows. They really honor the cow, providing lots of interactive displays and signs with odd bovine facts everywhere you turn.

With this being a state park, it does cost $2 to park for the day. If you’re just stopping off for a cone, it’s free as long as you don’t linger beyond thirty minutes. Most of the paths lead to the barns, but if you’ve been spun around, there are signs that keep pointing you in the correct direction. In the wintertime one of the barns is converted into a chalet and many trails are open for cross-country skiing.

My first taste was of the ginger, which was as decadent as creaming crystallized ginger can possibly seem. Not sure I could tackle an entire cone of that, I went for the pomegranate chip, another of the more than 60 flavors offered. The chips were secondary to the ice cream itself, with the tang of the fruit really colliding with the cream and creating something that almost tastes like a frozen yogurt. Pomegranate can be a very subtle fruit (aside from the mess it makes as it stains everything in its wake), and they have harnessed it to maximum potential here.

pomegranate chip ice ream great brook farm dairy carlisle ma

Being situated this near so many trails means that merely walking here almost makes the net calorie count zero. Best thing I overheard: one woman to another as they turned to a flowering field, “He likes being held, he prefers it to walking.” How young was her son you ask? Nope, she was lugging around a bunny.

Cone – childrens $2.75 single $3.25 double $3.60 triple $4

Sundae – childrens $3.80 medium $4.75 large $5.25

Frappe $4.50

Great Brook Dairy Farm

247 North Rd, Carlisle, MA 01741-1123

978 371-7083

Open April-October

Daily 11a-dusk

Great Brook Farm online




3 responses

15 04 2011

Could you please tell me if you still sell your Black Gold Cow Manure Compost? I have purchased 2 different years and drove in back of your home near the barn. It was sold by the bag and by the yard. I always came and got it by pickup truck but would you respond if you do still sell it and if so the cost by bag and yard? Also if you deliver and how much would that be?

Thank You

19 10 2011
Paul Okarma

Thank you for having the Cabot Cheese Open Farm Day this past Sunday. My wife and I attended to see the new barn. We also attended 2 years ago and really wanted to see the new operation. Very interesting and very informative. Great tour! We’ll be back again.

26 06 2014
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