Pizzi Farm – Waltham MA

19 06 2009

Turning onto Lincoln Street, the skies parted. The whole way over here this had been seeming like a worse and worse idea as the rain went from a slight drizzle to a torrential deluge. Pizzi’s may not be landing ground for an ark, but I did get a Peppermint Patty cone here, and Ivy went for the Moose Tracks.

the creamery at pizzi farm ice cream waltham ma

Considering how close this place is to the primary path between my apartment and my parents’ house, it’s pretty remarkable I didn’t even know this place existed. I had made an attempt to go here back in early April when I first scouted this out, but it was then that I was told that they didn’t open the ice cream windows until Marathon Monday.

This place has been in the hands of the Pizzi family since 1933. Back then it was just a farm, in 1965 they opened the farm stand, and in 1990 the current generation opened the Market and Deli and the Creamery. Located at a Y in the road between Cambridge Reservoir and Hardy Pond, this place isn’t easy to find unless you have an idea where you are heading, but that seclusion is a large part of the allure.

Alas, this isn’t homemade ice cream. After reading over the flavor list, I asked and confirmed my suspicions that the source for this ice cream was Bliss Dairy. Sometimes these things are easy to tell, and between the properly named M&M/Mars company flavors and the Pomegranate Chip, I had a good idea what I was about to eat. Still, it’s a good thing to get a taste, even in June, to make sure that the ice cream hasn’t been subjected to the elements and refrozen.

Without any seasonal flavors available, I sampled the peppermint patty and proceeded to follow it with a whole cone. The top scoop almost fell off when the girl behind the counter handed it to me, so before it toppled, I opened wide and took the whole scoop in my mouth. After recovering from quick-onset brain freeze, I settled in to the cone. It’s a really nice mint ice cream with ample amounts of chocolate flakes and crushed candies. Three small scoops perched precariously on a small cone seemed like an odd way to be served, but it wound up being the right amount.

peppermint patty ice cream pizzi farm waltham ma

The tables have those grated metal chairs, so there were no reservoirs of water to soak the butt of my jeans. After I kicked the seat, it was dry enough to settle down and enjoy a cone. It was also a great fantasy to imagine that I had gone to elementary school right across the street. I can’t imagine what percentage of allowances wind up here.

Cone – kiddie $2.95 small $3.50 large $4.25

Sundae – junior $4.25 regular $4.95

Frappe $4.95

The Creamery at Pizzi Farm

549 Lincoln St, Waltham, MA 02451

781 891-1032

Market open year round, Open for ice cream Patriot’s Day-Labor Day

Hours #a-#p





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