So Friendly It’s Free

2 06 2009

So it seems like every retailer is having a free day of ice cream to show how much they care. Wal-Mart did it, though this time around instead of hosting a giant ice cream social as they did last year, they just handed out prepackaged ice cream snacks. Heck, this Wednesday night, Sonic* is offering a free root beer float. Truth be told, if you’re going to give us something for free that’s cool and all, but we do prefer that what we get is something real.


Friendly’s makes it easy and right. Free ice cream. An actual cone (or bowl). All you need to do is show up at the right time. Unfortunately for me, I’ll be inside the friendly confines of Belmont Park during this swatch of time. Please enjoy your ice cream a little extra for me and Calvin Borel.

* Sonic sure advertises a lot nationally for me to know this… unfortunately I am not planning a drive to suburban Allentown PA for a free 10 oz. beverage. That is the nearest location to Boston.




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