Berlin Farms – Berlin MA

1 06 2009

My little brother worked here for one day. It wasn’t that he did anything wrong and got fired, it was that everyone who worked there were all attending a wedding on the same day and my brother and his friend served up the scoops. That was a different era, but the Strawberry cone that I was served was the same stuff as they had back then.

berlin farms ice cream berlin ma

This land is steeped in history with a small handful of people tending the property since John Bruce first farmed here in 1770. In the 1930s, Chedco Farm was built and it’s this edifice that remains to this day. Barry O’Brien bought the property in 1986, and changed the name to Berlin Orchards. He closed the property in 2005 and died a few months later and the ice cream shoppe was reopened in 2006 by current owner Jennifer Cermak who rechristened the place Berlin Farms.

There is a large gourmet food store in a refurbished barn, and a restaurant with an entrance near the ice cream window. The farm is lush and sprawling, despite 100 acres being donated to a local school and some lots being sold off for development. The land that remains is used for raising and breeding endangered barnyard animals including horses, turkeys, rabbits, sheep, and ducks.

The ice cream window is just that, a single window. There’s a board with all of the flavors posted on it and a small dry-erase board for specials and upcoming events. The only indoor seating is in the restaurant which is a somewhat separate enterprise, but there are picnic tables and lawn chairs abound, in addition to all of the animal pens behind the parking lot.

The ice cream offered up here isn’t made on the premises, in fact, theirs comes from Richardson’s. Even knowing that it’s the same stuff I had just days ago in Roslindale, somehow it tastes better in this far more idyllic setting. This time i opted for a simple strawberry cone – my nephew recommended the flavor choice to me. The pink ice cream was lightly creamy with small pieces (no big chunks) of frozen strawberry in the mix. A nice simple strawberry for a cool early June day.

strawberry ice cream berlin farms ma

With the odd combination of ice cream and animals, Berlin Farms has found a way to fuse the two interests as a prime location for kids birthday parties. What they’ve got going on are the Pony and Barnyard Parties. I’m presuming that’s just what it seems since they have regular pony rides available on weekends from 1p-4p. For those even more inclined they’ve got a summer riding program. I wonder if the horses get to eat the leftover ice cream.

Cone – small $3.50 medium $4.50 large $5.50

Sundae – small $4.50 large $5.50 banana boats $5.95

Frappe $4.50 extra thick $5.25

Berlin Farms

200 Central St, Berlin, MA 01503

617 710-8810

Open April-November

Hours 11a-8p




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3 07 2009

The place has become an embarrassment, the animals are mistreated, the pony rides are TEN DOLLARS for a lap around the parking lot. The owner has really ran the place into the ground. Would NOT recommend to anyone.

19 07 2009

I agree, this place is dirty…..the owner has ruined the farm…take down the wine sign…there is no wine…take down the store sign…there is no store…stop buying store bought food and selling it as your own. the animals are so neglected….the town should shut this place down……FLIES in my icecream…..

25 04 2010

I very much disagree, I am currently working there, and all of the animals are very happy. Patriot, Lil Dude, and Sugar are extremely happy and healthy on their little farm. EVERYTHING there is home grown and COMPLETELY organic, I SEE them making it! The barn is in good shape, and ALL the animals are well fed and loved by ALL staff members. The owner is very nice and has made this a great place to shop and work. As for the ice cream, it is homemade and so are the cider donuts whic you cannot find ANYWHERE else. It is delicious and everyone in my family loved it. The eggs in the restaurant are from the chickens on the farm. It is a great place and a very cozy place.

22 11 2010

Professional Farm Attendant at Berlin Farms
Sept. 2010- Nov. 2010

As an employee of Berlin Farms, I took on a multitude of obligations. I helped take care of live stock, played a major contribution in the kitchen, helped run and organized the country store, was an agricultural landscaper, and grounds maintenance, as well as being a major part of the physical labor around the farm. I dedicated a certain part of my soul, in which I will never regain back for a farm and corporation that was no less than Nazi Germany itself. I was only allowed to consort with my colleagues under the rule of my female boss, who was a version of Hitler himself.

I have attained the highest level of spiritual fly catcher-ism. I was trained in the fine art of fly segregation. I can can select only the finest quality of fly, deceased or alive, and determine logistically, who’s food it goes in. I believe that I contributed to the well being of the consumer, by adding extra protein to their diets.

other duties:

-Pooper picker-upper
-Feeder of swine
-Concealer of maimed dog as well as being an amateur vet tech in the employee bathroom.
-I was ordered to follow all rules of “conduct” per order of Board Of Health. AKA Master the Art of concealing disease.
-Dirty water floor mopper. Specifically ordered to use dirty, Mercury and bacteria infested water.
-I deceived the public with illusions that we produced things on our own “farm”. The “chicken” eggs were not chicken eggs, when fact they were duck eggs. We “produced” our own honey, apples, jams, jellies, pickles, etc. God knows what else…
-I excelled in the art of rotted fence stripping, painting and re-stripping. It’s a dying art. I have consumed more paints chips than I would like to admit. I am now blind in one eye and drool periodically. I think it adds to my character. I am now a one-eyed drooling cyclops and am in forever in dept to Berlin Farms.
-I was also a Range Rover detail tech. I was forced to use baby wipes.
-I saved lives by stopping people from drinking expired milk and fermented cider.
-I pretended to be a well trained employee and fooled people with my profound knowledge of apple magic.
-On a daily basis, I made donuts for public consumption. I went the extra mile to keep metal flakes out of the grease, as well as removing fly wings and other unmentionables that were embedded within it.
-I cleaned a year’s worth of rust off the kitchen grill, with motor oil and a rusty wire brush. I enjoyed doing this very thoroughly.
-I was a professional ice cream hurdler. I became exceptional at hiding freezer burnt and fly infested ice cream on the bottom of the cup/cone.
-I was also high drama counselor to some of the obese, mentally unstable help. If people can’t understand their own plight, then they should kill themselves. That’s my professional opinion as a Student of Psychology.

To conclude my experience as an employee at Berlin Farms, I would sincerely suggest that you take a serious look at what I just mentioned. You should contemplate deeply – perhaps have a meeting – about purchasing or ingesting anything from this establishment. I would even question breathing the air along route 62. If you live within this vicinity, I strongly suggest that you build a bomb shelter for the safety of you and your family. Also, keep it stocked with provisions NOT from this mentioned establishment. This is just a friendly warning. Godspeed and a safe journey to you and yours. I must go…I cannot see what I am typing.

Crumb Snatcher

5 04 2012
James Kennedy

I am not even from Berlin but I do know that cowards are those whom leave messages without leaving their true name! James Kennedy

25 05 2010

I am overwhelmed with the first 2 comments, complaining that Berlin Farms is dirty and unkempt. Please! I have been there and I find it to be very neat and clean, especially since I would imagine that it is more difficult to keep an old building so clean. That tells me that the farms are loved and well taken care of. I have also been witness to the employees feeding and petting the animals. I didn’t see any bones protruding so agree that the animals are certainly well fed.

5 06 2010

Thank you June! I dont know what the first 2 are aling about…

29 07 2010
Concerned Citizen

Dear Katie, get your head out of the sky sweetie. If you worked there you would know that the icecream is not made, but it is bought from local ice cream distributor Richardsons Icecream. Also the fruits and vegetables are not home grown, in fact the only crop they have in the ground is some corn and pumpkins, (which are beating treated with pesticides no less) And as far as the animals, they are not well cared for. Know the other alpaca they have, your telling yourself no right? Well thats because it froze to death a couple winters ago. How about the Geese that got stuck in the drain, or perhaps the chickens that are run over on route 62 weekly because of the lack of fencing. Oh I forgot to mention the one other crop growing on the farm, the “pick your own blueberries” which im sure your aware that the blueberry patch doubles as the doggie day care play pen. Oh and the owner, queen BITCH. girl may be a genius, but she can NOT run her own business.

22 11 2010

I like your style, concerned citizen! Jennifer may be a genius on paper, but trust me, she is a rolling retard!

13 08 2010

HEY, I saw the article in the farm /country magazine ! I was shocked by the first two comments…Im happy others had input and corrected the nasty comments…Im sure its some person who wished they had the little farm…..Im in Louisiana near the Gulf…..Im working on the cleaning effort ! If im ever that way I will stop in to see you folks !!

18 09 2010

The comments from “concerned citizen,” sounds like a pissed off ex-employee who must have been fired from the farm for trying to mate with the animals. Go to anger management BITCH!

5 04 2012
James Kennedy

Very funny!

28 07 2011

I will say it’s not what it used to be…sad to see it go down hill. I, personally, feel bad for the Turkeys that are cooped up and the rest of the birds. What’s the point in having them there anyway? No one can barely see them and they are not pretty to look at. Went there today and all the Turkeys had their beaks opened…a sign of stress. I couldn’t wait to leave. I was not impressed with the store at all when I went in last year. There was barely anything in there and I could get what was in there in a grocery store. It used to be a very cozy and nice place inside with all the ornaments and it used to be full of food. It looks desserted these days and that’s just really sad to see such a beautiful place wasting away. My frozen yogurt tasted old too…just not very good. I’m sure they are not serving as many people as they used to due to the current running of the establishment.

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