Jimmies – Roslindale MA

29 05 2009

Truth be told, I don’t know much of Roslindale, except a song by that name that the Rudds had. I’m actually pretty certain that I’ve never gone there before intentionally. With today’s Twilight Zone episode of a trip, I’m not sure that any repeat plans are in the works. After this review, I’m not wholly sure that I’d be welcome anyway. I did find a Maple Walnut cone, but …

Jimmies Ice Cream Roslindale MA

Jimmies is a brand new ice cream joint in Roslindale Village. It used to be a photo shop, but with the advent of digital photography and no one needing to develop film, owner Donna Cabral closed up shop and started from scratch with this new endeavor. The official opening was earlier this month, though in truth it  still seems as though they aren’t settled in yet.

The name of the store comes from Cabral’s fond remembrance of the chocolate sprinkles of yore (even if her tale does stray a bit from the actual reality of where the word comes from: while some parlors may have donated the proceeds from that addition to the Jimmy Fund, jimmies are actually named after the guy who invented them). The result is an odd sign that lacks the possessive punctuation that you expect from shoppes with people’s names in the title. The store itself is crammed with a large counter and four tables and little space to navigate around other customers cluttering the area, with a single wooden bench located in front.

The ice cream isn’t made in Roslindale. In fact, it’s another shoppe that has fallen under the umbrella of Richardson’s. While the Middletown based manufacturer makes a nice ice cream, when you work on a spectrum of homemade ice creams, this is really a baseline, a control if you will, to measure other ice creams next to. It’s kind of disappointing to make such efforts to find a new spot only to encounter tastes that are already known.

I tasted the Green Monster (which is just a Grasshopper – mint and chocolate) and Rum Raisin (a tart alcoholic front without much finish), but neither really swayed me so I opted for maple walnut in a sugar cone. Unaccustomed to people providing all the necessary information with brevity, I had to repeat my desire for a sugar cone three times. The maple was syrupy sweet, but lacking that woody kick, and the walnuts weren’t fresh or really much of anything but placeholders. Nothing is as frustrating as a cone that doesn’t satisfy, and while there was nothing wrong, the fact was that a slew of things kept this from succeeding.

maple walnut ice cream jimmies roslindale ma

I tried to salvage my trip and feed my hunger with pizza while I was in this neighborhood, but somehow I failed even more ingloriously. I can’t recall the last time I had to spit up some pizza, but the Sicilian slices I got at Romano’s had a gummy tasteless texture and meat on top that was chewier than jerky. Somehow I spent my afternoon on what some people deem an impossibility – bad ice cream and pizza.

Cone – kiddie $2 regular $3.50 large $4.50

Sundae – regular $3.75 large $4.50

Frappe $3.99

Jimmies Ice Cream & Sandwiches

48A Corinth St, Roslindale, MA 02131

857 719-6665

Open year round

Sunday-Thursday 11a-9p, Friday & Saturday 11a-10p

Jimmies online




4 responses

18 06 2009

I have to say after reading this mans take on this ice cream parlor in roslindale I am pretty disappointed.My children and I went to this place and got two cups and one sundae and were very happy with the taste and the way they were made.My sundae was made like you see in pictures not all messy with the trimmings flowing over one another,unlike most other ice cream places were everything is just thrown in a cup and mixed up.The point of this is this man doing this report isn’t from around here. “twilight zone” as he put it while degrading the city we live in.The lady that took my order did a great job and gave me exactly what I ordered.As far as the amount of space inside,who goes to get ice cream and wants to sit indoors to eat a refreshing ice cream? When my family and I went to dairy queen and ordered “THROUGH A WINDOW’ we dont say gee these sidewalks arent sufficient seats. If you want to bring your children to a place that they can feel at home and get a hell of a sundae thats made almost like your own mother made it. This place was very good.
roslindale native….Jay

6 08 2009
Mark O

I second that other comment – I’ve brought the kids to Jimmies a couple of times and the service and ice cream has been great.

I was not put off by the lack of possessive punctuation on the sign, and I don’t consider Roslindale the “Twilight Zone” either.

22 07 2011

I live in the area and had ice cream here. I am not really the type to get ice cream never really cared for it. This ice cream was delicious. I have never enjoyed any ice cream like I enjoyed this. I was disappointed that I paid nearly $5. For about 2 measly scoops. I did enjoy it.

22 07 2011

As a matter of fact I think I will pay another $5. for another 2 measly scoops. It’s really good

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