Ice Cream Club – Auburndale MA

5 05 2009

My quest for the day brought me to Auburndale in search of the Lasell College bookstore to find a shirt for my aunt’s birthday. Thanks to the internet, my brother in Chicago was able to help lead me there (though as a result, I sat in front of the building talking to my nephew for half an hour before heading in). Just down the road, I was pleased to find myself a Black And Tan sugar cone.

ice cream club newton auburndale mass

Back in December, I had made efforts to come over to Ice Cream Club when I found an article about the place being up for sale. It thus a pleasant surprise to find that the lights were on as I drove past. With no apparent suitors, it was nice to discover that the Schaffer’s had opened back up for the 2009 season.

This location has been a Newton area tradition dating back over twenty years when this site was the home of another ice cream parlor named The Ice Cream Man. The shop has been run by the Schaffer family the past few years and all of the kids worked there as their after-school jobs. With the kids now off to college, that’s why they’ve been seeking new ownership. Unfortunately, it was busy and I didn’t get to ask many questions to find out what the current status is, but the for sale sign is not in the front window anymore.

The shop is decked out in record covers and other rock ‘n’ roll ephemera so that it almost feels like the inside of a jukebox. The silver tables and chairs bring that fifties soda fountain feel to this spot. With six indoor tables, two outside, and park benches within view of the front door, this is a very relaxed spot, especially given that it’s so near the confluence of so many major roads.

After a taste of the Grasshopper, I realized my tongue was still attuned to the spearmint of juleps rather than peppermint flavors, and opted for a black and tan cone. This ice cream isn’t a combination of beer flavors, but it does have the half-and-half aspect of the colors colliding, but not blending. It’s a caramel ice cream with a chocolate cookie swirl that also has chocolate covered candy crunch in it. The cream flavors are very subtle and the caramel is just there to bring you the chocolates which make the biggest impact. A sweet cone and here’s hoping there are still scoops in this spot twenty years from now.

black and tan ice cream club auburndale ma newton

It wasn’t until it was too late and I was already dropping globs from my cone onto the tiled floor that I realized that had I wanted, I could have got jimmies on my cone for free. While there are usually lots of toppings (and an equally long set of names for each depending on where you are), this is the first time that I noticed anyone offering them for free. For those reading this who are not from New England, despite what you may have heard, jimmies is not vestigial Jim Crow slang, it’s actually named for the guy that invented them and so is more like Kleenex. Dang, maybe I have to pay someone a copyright for just typing the word jimmies.

Cone – small $2.99 medium $3.75 large $4.50 jumbo $5.50

Sundae – small $3.99 medium $4.99 large $5.99 jumbo $6.99

Frappe $4.95 malt +$.30

Ice Cream Club

419 Lexington St, Auburndale, MA 02466

617 244-3555

Open April-October

Monday-Thursday noon-9p, Friday-Saturday noon-10p, Sunday noon-8p

Ice Cream Club online




2 responses

1 12 2009

I love the ICC. It is a cool place to be……if you are not there then you are square

2 05 2010
Hank Joshide

Yum!! The new owners gave it their own twist with the same great ice cream! Named after their dog Wally, seems like a very nice family! Worth the Trip!!

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